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Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Today I have supervised a fourth student, time 4. Done.

Teaching - welfare state

Today I have taught for one hour, and attended one more hour of teaching, in "Welfare state and welfare policy". Second article by Bo Rothstein...

Tuesday, 25 April 2017


Today I have completed three fourth-round supervisions. One remaining, another prolonged.

Monday, 24 April 2017

One more peer-review

This winter I have done a peer-review for Biosemiotics.


This Spring I have done another peer-review for Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Popular scientific summary of field work prepared

The last week or so I have prepared a 7 page PDF document with text, images and links that sums up field work on people´s perception of wolves and related animals carried out at various locations in Norway in Spring 2015 as part of the project "Animals in changing environments: Cultural mediation and semiotic analysis", specifically the subproject "Representations (both Problematic and Romanticizing) of Large Mammals, especially Wolves". The document will be distributed and made publicly available shortly.

Dissemination article published by in 2016

The research dissemination article "Researchers: Facts alone are not enough in the debate about wolves", by Benedicte Pentz, appeared on on May 7th 2016. The article features an interview with me on field work carried out in Spring 2015. Similar articles have appeared on, and

Friday, 21 April 2017

No grading of Ex.Phil. papers for Department of health studies

I have gotten to know that I will not get to examine any papers in Ex.Phil. for nursing students at Department of health studies this year, since I would be 50% more expensive than alternatives. I have been involved in grading exam papers for them since 2009 (2009-2016).

Feedback provided on application draft

Today I have provided feedback on a PhD application for a colleague at my department.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Google Scholar: 195 citations

In Google Scholar I am now listed with 195 citations (+29 since January 19th count). 2016 publications now stand with a record-high 55 citations (+8 since January), 2017 publications for now with 16 citations (+12). My h-index remains 7 and my i10-index 5.

MAN board meeting

Today I chaired the second board meeting of the new board of Minding Animals Norway. Among other things we made plans for a first Oslo work meeting, and discussed our use of Facebook and other social media.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Course description pending revisions, decision

The course description for the master course on philosophy of science and research methods in the Master in Energy, Environment and Society has not yet been approved by the Dean of Faculty of social sciences, due to formalities. It is now pending some revisions. There are limits to what I can accept and still be responsible for.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Today I gave another supervision, 3rd time.

Second Announcement: "From beak to tail – mechanisms underlying damaging behaviour in laying hens and pigs", ISAE 2017 Satellite Meeting

Second Announcement for the ISAE 2017 Satellite Meeting:

"From beak to tail – mechanisms underlying damaging  behaviour in laying hens and pigs"
Organized jointly by the FareWellDock Network and the GroupHouseNet COST Action.

By joining efforts on an interspecies level, we have the opportunity to greatly enhance the understanding of the mechanisms underlying tail biting and feather pecking. Both behaviours are challenging, from an animal welfare and from an economic point-of-view, while in several countries, as well as at the EU level, the ethical justification of tail docking and beak trimming is currently being debated. 

This full-day meeting will be held at the ISAE 2017 congress venue on August 7th , 2017, starting at 9am. The meeting will focus on two main themes: 'Mechanisms underlying the link between health and damaging behaviour' and 'Predisposing factors for damaging behaviour during early development'. Both themes will be introduced by invited experts, followed by short research presentations by participants, and then elaborated on in inter-species discussion groups. In addition, the program will include a networking session, with the aim to facilitate knowledge exchange and future cooperation between researchers working on damaging behaviour in pigs and poultry.

Registration for the meeting will be open until May 15th, 2017. The meeting participation is limited to 80 persons, so early registration is recommended. 

For further information on the programme and venue, and on how to register, please see the "Beak to Tail" homepage or contact:

The workshop is sponsored by Topigs Norsvin, RSPCA and COST.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Exam document and assessment guidelines prepared

Today I have prepared the "exam document" for the home exam in "Welfare state and welfare policies", with assessment guidelines.

References to my work in co-authored manifesto article

Some of my work is referred to (p. 15) in a manifesto article which I have co-authored:

Favareau, Don, Kalevi Kull, Gerald Ostdiek, Timo Maran, Louise Westling, Paul Cobley, Frederik Stjernfelt, Myrdene Anderson, Morten Tønnessen and Wendy Wheeler 2017. How can the study of the humanities inform the study ofbiosemiotics? Biosemiotics 10(1). DOI: 10.1007/s12304-017-9287-6 (published online April 8th 2017).

The references are to:
Beever, J., & Tønnessen, M. (2013). "Darwin und die Englische moral": the moral consequences of Uexkülls umwelt theory. Biosemiotics, 6(3), 437447.
Tønnessen, M. (2003). Umwelt ethics. Sign Systems Studies, 31(1), 281299.
Tønnessen, M. (2009). Signs grow But should they? Semioethics and the dominant semiosis of Homo sapiens sapiens (= Meditationes Semioticae I). Hortus Semioticus, 4, 8184.
Tønnessen, M., & Beever, J. (2014). Beyond sentience: Biosemiotics as foundation for animal and environmental ethics. In J. Hadley & E. Aaltola (Eds.), Animal ethics and philosophy: questioning the orthodoxy (pp. 4762). London: Rowman & Littlefield International.
von Uexküll, J. (2013). Darwin and the English morality. Translation of "Darwin und die Englische moral", Deutsche Rundschau 173: 215242. (trans.) M. Tønnessen, (Ed.), J. Beever. Biosemiotics, 6(3), 449471.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Two research articles to be added to compulsory readings

I have just suggested a couple of research articles to add to the compulsory readings in Examen Philosophicum at Department of social studies - Næss and Polanyi. To be approved by study coordinator, who requested such changes (namely to existing supplement text books with a few research articles) as a follow-up to NOKUT´s evaluation of the department´s bachelor studies in social work and child welfare.

"How can the study of the humanities inform the study of biosemiotics?" published online

The manifesto-like article referred to below has just appeared online.

Favareau, Don, Kalevi Kull, Gerald Ostdiek, Timo Maran, Louise Westling, Paul Cobley, Frederik Stjernfelt, Myrdene Anderson, Morten Tønnessen and Wendy Wheeler. How can the study of the humanities inform the study of biosemiotics? Biosemiotics 10(1). DOI: 10.1007/s12304-017-9287-6 (published online April 8th 2017).

Planning meeting on Skopje GroupHouseNet stakeholder workshop

I have just taken part in a planning meeting of GroupHouseNet (Synergy for damaging behaviour in group housed pigs and chickens) in relation to our planned stakeholder workshop in Skopje, Macedonia, on June 7th.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Updated Brief Academic CV

I have updated 4-5 points in my Brief Academic CV, see the right-hand margin of this blog.

To teach philosophy of science and ethics course for The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation/UiS

I have now clarified with University of Stavanger´s Department of health studies and Stiftelsen Norsk Luftambulanse [The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation] that I will be responsible for the course "Philosophy of science and health care ethics" this autumn. This is the second time I will be giving this course, as part of the master program Pre-Hospital Critical Care. This time around, the course is offered by Department of health studies, and I will be paid by The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Joining UiS program area on welfare research

I have joined the University of Stavanger program area for "Velferdstenesteforsking" [welfare services research], which is headed by Siv Oltedal.


Today I offered another supervision, second out of three times.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

New philosophy of science course designed

Last night (sic) I finished the totally revised course desciption for the "Philosophy of science and research methods" course I will be responsible for as part of University of Stavanger´s new "Master in Energy, Environment and Society", starting this autumn. Includes 13 compulsory readings.

3 hours of teaching - political philosophy

Today I taught for 3 hours in the course "Welfare state and welfare policies", on autonomy and paternalism.

Monday, 3 April 2017

CRIStin reporting for 2016

For 2016, I (initially) registered 33 entries in CRIStin, including 11 that I supposed would result in publication points. My 2016 reporting is available here, my overall reporting in CRIStin (some 153 entries) here.


Today I supervised three students, round three.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Departure day

Today is the last day of Department of social studies´ personnel trip to Antwerpen and Brussels. Departure day. Goodbye, Belgium.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Awarded UiS Outstanding young researchers grant

I have just been notified that I have, as one of 10 people at University of Stavanger, been awarded a "Yngre fremragende forskere" [Outstanding young researchers] grant. This implies that I have to think about meaningful ways to spend 150.000 NOK by September 1st 2018 for research-related activities.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

NRK P2 interview on utopian individualism aired

Today an interview with me by Jostein Gjertsen on utopian individualism aired as part of NRK P2´s program Verdibørsen. Podcast is available here. Starting this week, Verdibørsen is sent four times a week, with a weekend highlights edition.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Personnel trip to Antwerpen, Brussels

The next four days I´ll be attending a personnel trip with Department of social studies to Antwerpen and Brussels, Belgium.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Peer-review conducted for Sign Systems Studies

At some point this year I have done a peer-review for Sign Systems Studies.

Peer-review conducted for Cognitive Semiotics

At some point this year I did a peer-review for the journal Cognitive Semiotics.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

CRIStin info for four ZfS articles updated

I have updated publication info in CRIStin, regarding publication year and page numbers for my four contributions to the special issue of Zeitschrift für Semiotik on biosemiotic ethics that is appearing this spring.

First 9 pages of book "Animal Umwelten in a changing world: Zoosemiotic perspectives"

Here is a PDF with the first few pages of our book Animal Umwelten in a changing world: Zoosemiotic perspectives (Tartu University Press 2016). Includes title pages, Table of contents and Foreword.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Plans for annual guest lecture at Department of social studies

On Wednesday this week I met with a colleague at Department of social studies to discuss the establishment of a hopefully annual guest lecture series on societal topics. We got the Head of department´s approval for organising this autumn´s first such lecture.

Interview on individual utopianism

On Wednesday this week I met with Jostein Gjertsen of NRK P2´s Verdibørsen for an interview on individual utopianism. The interview will air in less than a week.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Two hours of teaching in environmental history course

Today I have taught for 2 hours, and attended another hour of teaching by Siri Kalvig, in a course in water and environmental history at IKS, UIS. My topic was the Anthropocene and related human-animal topics.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Disposition for carnivore chapter

I have just composed a disposition for my chapter contribution to the book Rovviltet på Sørlandet [The carnivores of Southern Norway], which is to appear next year.

Friday, 17 March 2017

To present during Paris phenomenology workshop in May

I have been scheduled to present a reading of excerpts of Kurt Goldstein´s The organism on May 11th during a workshop on phenomenology on Paris organized by Ståle Finke (NTNU).

2nd CFP: Special issue of Biosemiotics "Semiotic Aspects of the Extended Synthesis"

***Extended Deadline for Abstracts to May 1st 2017***

For a Special Issue of the journal
Biosemiotics: Semiotic Aspects of the Extended Synthesis.

The journal Biosemiotics (Springer) is preparing a special issue on “Semiotic Aspects of the Extended Synthesis” guest-edited by Andrew M. Winters. While the field of biosemiotics is concerned with the origin and development of natural semiotic systems, much of the discussion has been framed in terms of Darwinian frameworks, including the Modern Synthesis. Non-Darwinian views were held by Uexküll and, more recently, Darwinian views have been supplemented in important ways by Kull, Hoffmeyer, and Barbieri. Many biological phenomena, such as transgenerational epigenetic inheritance, have yet to be explained in terms of these evolutionary theories. In the 1980s, biologists aimed to develop an Extended Synthesis to build upon and replace parts of the Modern Synthesis to better accommodate and explain these observed phenomenon. Given recent discussions of the Extended Synthesis, this Special Issue aims to understand the extent to which biosemiotics is commensurate with burgeoning developments in contemporary biology by exploring how core features of biosemiotics are either consistent or at odds with those accommodated by the Extended Synthesis.
The Special Issue of “Semiotic Aspects of the Extended Synthesis” welcomes papers that analyze specific semiotic processes within the Extended Synthesis, assess the general tenability of understanding biosemiotics in terms of the Extended Synthesis, or explore the relationship between biosemiotics and the Extended Synthesis. Papers in the form of theoretical works, empirical findings, or metatheoretical considerations are welcome.

Some potential questions to be explored in this Special Issue include:
How does the extended synthesis differ from Darwinian evolution and the modern synthesis in its impact on biosemiotics?Does niche construction involve the construction of signs?How does semiotics contribute to evolutionary-developmental biology?Do signs further enhance plasticity and accommodation?Are signs replicable?Do signs and semiotic systems evolve?Are signs capable of emerging and contributing to multilevel selection?To what extent are candidate signs (e.g., genes) involved in genomic evolution? 

Technical Details and Timeline:Paper Proposals (Title and Abstract) Due May 1st, 2017Notification of Acceptance May 31st, 2017Paper Submissions Due September 30th, 2017Final Drafts Due January 31st, 2018Electronic Publication February 2018Print Version Issue #2 August 2018Papers should be no more than 7,000 words (minus abstract and references)
Instructions for authors can be found at:
Submit abstracts and contact the editor at

Search image paper accepted for NoSP 2017

I have been informed by the organisers of NoSP 2017, the 15th annual conference of the Nordic Society for phenomenology, entitled "Phenomenology and the body - Contemporary perspectives" (Trondheim, June 15-17) that my paper "The search image as link between sensation, perception and action" has been approved for oral presentation.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

5 home exam papers graded

Yesterday I finished grading five home exam papers after the continuation exam in Examen Philosophicum at Department of social studies.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Meeting on teaching of research metods

Today I attended a meeting concerning early teaching in research methods in the bachelor degree in social work at University of Stavanger´s Department of social studies.

Second supervision

Today I have given supervision, hour two.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Abstracts evaluated for NASS X

In late February I have taken part in assessing revised abstracts submitted to NASS X (Kaunas, June) as part of the conference´s Scientific committee.

Reelected as chair of MAN; new board

On an extraordinary general meeting February 1st via Skype, I was reelected as chair of Minding Animals Norway, and a new board was elected.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

10 exam papers complaint graded

A few weeks ago I took part in complaint grading in Examen philosophicum at Department of social studies. The complaint grading concerned 10 home exam papers.

Skype meeting for philosophers

Today I participated in a philosopher meeting via Skype involving a group in Rome and another at University of Stavanger, in relation to our application in preparation of establishing a new program area for research.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

MC exam questions composed; exam papers graded

Last month I composed Multiple choice exam questions for the continuation exam in Examen Philosophicum at Department of social studies - and then, following the exam, graded two exam papers submitted.

Guest lecture on Anthropocene theme given at University of Oslo

On Thursday February 23rd I gave a guest-lecture at University of Oslo´s Department of criminology and sociology of low, in the eco-criminology master course KRIM2920. I spoke about the human empire, man´s global ecological hierarchy in the Anthropocene. There were around 7 students present.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Table of contents of special issue on biosemiotic ethics

The table of contents of our special issue on biosemiotic ethics of Zeitschrift für Semiotik is now available online, via Coming soon.

Estonian webpage of "Animals in changing environments" updated

The Estonian webpage (in English) of the Norwegian-Estonian Research Cooperation Programme grant EMP151 "Animals in changing environments: Cultural mediation and semiotic analysis" has been updated with further information, summing up research done in the project.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Today I supervised another student, the fourth.

Teaching plans

The last few days I have planned dates and times for this autumn´s teaching in three courses. The times are to be confirmed by the UiS timeplan office.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

MAN board meeting at Bristol Hotel

On Thursday February 23rd I chaired Minding Animals Norway´s board meeting, held at the café of Bristol hotel in Oslo.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Philosophical lunch

Today I met for lunch with three of the other University of Stavanger philosophers. We are in the process of starting to draft an application for a new program area at UiS.

Five UiB exam papers complaint graded

Today, along with the internal examiner, I finished complaint grading five exam papers in Examen Philosophicum at University of Bergen, as the external examiner.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Interview in "Ut i kulturen" aired

Today I featured as interviewed in NRK P2´s "Ut i kulturen", hosted by Jostein Gjertsen, in the episode "Maktmennesker" [something like "people in power"].

Friday, 24 February 2017

Interviewed for P2´s "Ut i kulturen"

Earlier this week I was interviewed bu Jostein Gjertsen for NRK P2´s program "Ut i kulturen" [Out in the culture]. The interview will air on Sunday.

Three hours of supervision

Today I supervised three bachelor thesis students at Department of social studies. This was the first of four hours of supervision.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Essay exam question

The last few days I have taken part in composing exam question (essay) for the course "Welfare state and welfare policies" at Department of social studies.

Academic reporting related to EMP151

The last week I reported academic research activities to the Estonian science agency ETAG and to the Estonian Research Information System (ETIS), in relation to our project "Animals in changing environments: Cultural mediation and semiotic analysis" (EMP151).

Employee survey

I have just participated in University of Stavanger´s biannual employee survey. I rate my overall job satisfaction as 4/5, though with some critical remarks.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Graded parental leave approved, six weeks in

This last Friday I finally got a formal response from NAV concerning my application for having graded parental leave from January 2017 to mid-July 2017. My application has been approved (six-seven weeks into the 50% leave).

Another anthology seminar

Last Friday I took part in another seminar on our department´s forthcoming anthology. I received feedback and gave feedback on two-three chapters.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

New book meeting

Today I have been at another meeting in Oslo in regard to our book in process on wolves.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Hundreds of Facebook shares of research chronicle

My research chronicle "Artsutryddelse i menneskets tidsalder", published by last Sunday, has been shared on Facebook some 275 times

Conflicting obligations; not attending GiB17 nor 4th code biology conference

This year I will not be able to attend neither the 17th gathering in biosemiotics, to be held in Lausanne, Switzerland in June, nor the 4th code biology conference, to be held in May in Köszeg, Hungary, due to conflicting obligations at University of Stavanger (May) and Macedonia (June).

Monday, 13 February 2017

University library meeting attended

Today I have taken part in a meeting of the publication committee of the University library of Stavanger concerning a complaint on a decision to not give publication points to contributions to an anthology. Five people were present, including three from the library.

3 hours of teaching in English

Today I have taught for 3 hours in "Welfare state and welfare policy" (course code MEM110). The topic was the Scandinavian welfare state, welfare state regimes, and the history and future prospects of the European welfare state.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Friday, 10 February 2017

Teaching - academic writing

Today I taught for 2 hours - third part of course in academic writing, held my Kjersti Ørvig and myself, for bachelor thesis students at Department of social studies. This concludes this year´s writing course.

Family policies chapter revised

I have just, in collaboration with Svein Tuastad, finished the 2nd revision, 3rd version, of our book chapter "Familie og fridom. Norsk familiepolitikk i lys av liberal politisk teori" [Family and freedom. Norwegian family policies in light of liberal political theory].

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Research chronicle on extinction written, accepted

Yesterday I composed a research chronicle for entitled "Artsutryddelse: Den menneskelige faktoren" [Species extinction: The human factor], in response to another research chronicle. Today I submitted it, and revised it somewhat. It will soon appear online.

Meeting with Region Stavanger

Today, with the Office manager at Department of social studies, I attended a meeting with two representatives from Region Stavanger, discussing opportunities for future international conferences held at the University of Stavanger. In 2015, Region Stavanger provided advice and overview when I was main responsible for organising the conference "Animals in the Anthropocene".

Physiotherapy guidance

Today a physioterapeut visited to check my workplace environment in relation to an emerging tendonitis.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Abstracts evaluated for NASS X

The last few days I have taken part in the abstract evaluation work of the Scientific committee of NASS X, to be held in conjunction with the 13th world congress of semiotics (Kaunas, Lithuania, June 26-30th 2017).

"Umwelt theory revisited" paper accepted for presentation at NASS X

I have been notified that my abstract "Umwelt theory revisited – contemporary Uexküllian thought in 10 points" has been accepted for presentation at NASS X, to be held in conjunction with the 13th world congress of semiotics (Kaunas, Lithuania, June 26-30th 2017).

See also:
Abstract for NASS X: "Umwelt theory revisited – contemporary Uexküllian thought in 10 points"

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

One bachelor thesis complaint graded

Today, along with an external examiner, I have finished complaint grading of a bachelor thesis in child welfare.

Staff meeting attended

Today I attended the staff meeting of Department of social studies. The main topic of discussion was the feedback from NOKUT, the Norwegian agency responsible for quality-checking education, on the department´s bachelor studies in social work and in child welfare. 

I will be part of a 2-person work group, along with the program coordinator for the bachelor in social work, that will suggest moving some of the teaching in research methods from the third to the first year.

Monday, 6 February 2017

More exam questions

Today I have composed exam questions for the continuation home exam in Ex.Phil. at Department for social studies.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Podcast "Sosialkringkastingen" now online

The first episode of the new podcast "Sosialkringkastingen", by Joakim Jiri Haaland, has appeared, featuring me as the first guest. The podcast is available here, in NettOp´s blog UiS Podkast (and on YouTube - sound only). 76 minutes. The topic was exam preperation and evaluation (grading).

Friday, 3 February 2017

MC exam questions composed

Today I have composed exam questions for the continuation Multiple Choice exam in Examen Philosophicum at Department of social studies, which takes place a week from now.

10 home exam papers complaint graded

Today, with a colleague elsewhere, I have finished complaint grading of ten home exam papers in Examen Philosophicum at University of Stavanger`s Department of social studies. We also had to explain grading.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Abstract for NoSP 2017: " The search image as link between sensation, perception and action"

I have just submitted the abstract below to NoSP 2017, the 15th annual conference of the Nordic Society for phenomenology, entitled "Phenomenology and the body - Contemporary perspectives". 


The search image as link between sensation, perception and action

As part of his Umwelt theory, a theory on the subjective, experiential worlds of animals, Jakob von Uexküll (1864–1944) introduced the notion of the search image (Suchbild). A search image is an imagined object that an animal or human being has in mind as it searches for something. The search image plays a central role in what I have termed the mediated Umwelt, the aspect of Umwelt in which Umwelt objects are encountered indirectly by way of some mediation (e.g. memory, fantasy, anticipation). It is generally related to an animal´s agenda- or interest-driven matching of something it is searching for with something in its environment. Search images are key to understanding how perception works as distinguished from sensation, and how an animal´s perception and action are connected. The search image acts as an intermediary between perception and action, and between the mediated Umwelt and the core Umwelt, the aspect of Umwelt in which Umwelt objects are encountered directly. The imagined object has the form of a schema, and encountered objects may or may not be perceived as fitting with the anticipated schema. The perception of a match may furthermore be either correct or incorrect. Object recognition occurs when an encountered object is correctly perceived as fitting with an anticipated schema. But search images, with their implied schemata, may also be confused with actual perception images of encountered objects. The functioning of search images can help explain why it is that action-related brain activity appears to precede the experience of having made a choice of action. When an animal or a human being operates with a search image, we anticipate encountering the imagined object. We act not only in response to encountered objects, but also in response to imagined ones.

Supervisor seminar attended

Today I have attended the annual supervisor seminar at Department of social studies, for supervisors in bachelor theses (child welfare and social work). I also presented some of the material, including on research ethics and gathering of research data.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Provisionary member of university library complaint committee

I have agreed to be member of a committee that is to consider a complaint after a book (anthology) was rejected in regard to publication points by the university library of Stavanger. The case concerns 23 articles, 19 authors.

Research status report

Yesterday I gave a brief status report to the Norwegian Personvernombudet for forskning in relation to field work in "Animals in changing environments" (EMP151). Research is still ongoing.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Special issue on biosemiotic ethics fully edited, revised

After further editorial work, we have finally sent off edited revisions of all articles for our special issue on biosemiotic ethics, appearing in Zeitschrift for Semiotik this Spring.

Obituary for John Deely

I have written an obituary for my dear colleague and friend John Deely, who passed  January 6th. The obituary, co-written with Yogi Hale Hendlin and Jonathan Beever, is titled "A world of signs: in memory of John Deely (1942–2017)" and will appear in Zeitschrift für Semiotik´s special issue on biosemiotic ethics, to which John contributed.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Course description for welfare state course reworked for application

The last few weeks, starting in early December, I have been involved in revising the course description for the MUNDUS course "Welfare state and welfare policy" (MEM110), in connection with an upcoming MFAMILY application to be sent in December by University of Stavanger and cooperating universities. A new version of the course description was sent today (third submission).

See also:

Financial reporting for EMP151 finished

The last few weeks I have been involved in financial reporting for the year 2016 for the Estonian-Norwegian research project "Animals in changing environments: Cultural mediation and semiotic analysis" (EMP151). Today I was notified that the financial report from UiS for 2016 has been approved.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Anthology meeting

Today I attended a minimal meeting on the department´s book anthology in process. This versions of manuscripts are due February 10th.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Writing plan for 2017 and beyond

Today I have made a writing plan (book projects) for 2017, with preliminary plans for 2018-2021. Notably, I am taking a break from Utslippsfrie nye verden? Hva debatten om gasskraftverk sier om norsk natursyn, on CCS, to make room for the wolf-themed book I am co-writing this Spring. In parallel I´ll write on my novel Regnskap, as I have the last half year, until the summer (with another novel waiting in line this Autumn, along with continued writing on Utslippsfrie nye verden?).

Book meeting in Oslo

Today I have attended a 5-hour meeting at Vega forlag in Oslo in relation to a book project, working with the book´s disposition.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Google Scholar: 166 citations, i10-index of 5

In Google Scholar (see my profile) I now have 166 citations (+9), and an i10-index of 5 (+1). In terms of number of citations, 2016 is now my best year so far, with 47 citations (vs. 40 in 2015). Google Scholar has also recorded my first 4 citations in 2017.

See also:

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Webpage of UiS Work group on ethical trade

Here is the webpage of the University of Stavanger´s Work group on ethical trade, of which I am a member

Meeting of UiS Work group on ethical trade attended

Today I attended a meeting of the University of Stavanger´s Work group on ethical trade. We completed the 2016 report to Ethical Trading Initiative Norway, and discussed Key Performance Indicators.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Paper "Uexküllian phenomenology" accepted to presentation in Kaunas

I have been informed that my abstract for the 13th IASS-AIS World Congress of Semiotics (Kaunas, June 26-30th) has been successfully reviewed by the scientific committee of the congress. This must concern my abstract for the session "Biosemiotics in dialogue", entitled "Uexküllian phenomenology".

Monday, 16 January 2017

First elements of wolf book

Today I have sent off a tentative disposition and sample text in relation to a book project on wolves.

Search image paper to appear in BioSystems

My paper in process "The search image as a link between sensation, perception and action" is part of a planned special issue on code biology. It is now clear that the special issue will appear in the Elsevier journal BioSystems. A call for papers has just been announced.

See also:

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Reference for "Agency in biosemiotics and enactivism" chapter

My chapter "Agency in biosemiotics and enactivism" is appearing these days, in a book that is officially a 2016 publication.

Full reference:
Tønnessen, Morten, 2016. Agency in biosemiotics and enactivism. In Jordan Zlatev, Göran Sonesson and Piotr Konderak (Eds.), Meaning, mind and communication: Explorations in cognitive semiotics. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 69–82.

Friday, 13 January 2017

General meeting at faculty attended

Today I attended a general meeting at the University of Stavanger´s Faculty of Social Sciences, on the ongoing reorganization process.

Preliminary results for 2016 publication points (CRIStin)

Preliminary reporting to Current Research Information System in Norway (CRIStin) shows that I currently stand with an estimated 2,4 publication points with the old system, and 3,5 publication points with the new system.

At University of Stavanger´s Department of social studies, this means that for now I appear to be 2nd most-publishing scholar according to the old system, and 2rd most-publishing (along with another scholar - so, top 3) according to the new system.

There are still two or three articles/chapters I have to report, but I am not sure whether they will be counted as 2016 or 2017 publications.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Biosemiotics 9(3) published - "Multilevel semiosis"

Biosemiotics 9(3) has been published. This is a special issue entitled "Multilevel semiosis: Towards a heterarchical perspective" and guest-edited by Luis Emilio Bruni and Franco Giorgi. The issue has free trial access until January 31st.

Promotional email for Biosemiotics distributed

Our publisher Springer has just distributed a promotional email titled "Read the latest special issues and learn more about the Biosemiotic Award", or, in the online version "Biosemiotic Award and Special Issues". It includes links to the article that won the first Annual Biosemiotic Achievement Award, and to our two special issues published in 2016, plus a presentation of the three Editors-in-Chief. The special issues has free trial access until January 31st.

Links to the special issues:

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Meeting the MFAMILY students

Today I have met the Erasmus MUNDUS students in MFAMILY and presented the course arrangements for "Welfare state and welfare policy", which I am coordinating this year. I also stayed for lunch.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Minding Animals video for Bachelor legate

A short PR video has been made for the Bachelor legate that Minding Animals Norway is launching. It can be seen on YouTube, among other places.

3 hours of Master teaching in political philosophy

Today I taught for 3 hours in the course "Velferdsstaten - politikk og teori" [The welfare state - politics and theory] at University of Stavanger´s Department of social studies. The topics were autonomy and paternalism.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Dissemination piece on wolves and sheep in DN

Today my dissemination piece "Ulv og sau - et naturlig par?" [Wolf and sheep - a natural couple?] is published in Dagens Næringsliv, a major national Norwegian daily newspaper. My University of Stavanger affiliation is credited along with the research projects "Animals in changing environments".

The research dissemination is behind a payment wall. I have repeated the text in my Norwegian blog Utopisk Realisme.

Friday, 6 January 2017

"The semiotics of predation and the nature of human beings" presented at UiS research seminar

On Friday December 16th, in the 4th and final Norwegian research seminar of the Estonian-Norwegian research project "Animals in changing environments: Cultural mediation and semiotic analysis", at University of Stavanger, I presented my paper "The semiotics of predation and the nature of human beings".

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Dissemination text on wolves and sheep rejected, resubmitted

My dissemination piece "Ulv og sau - et naturlig par?" [Wolf and sheep - a natural couple?] was rejected by Aftenposten Innsikt, but has since been shortened somewhat and submitted elsewhere.

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Podcast/video "Sosialkringkastingen" recorded

Today I was in NettOp´s studio at University of Stavanger with Joakim Jiri Haaland, to record the first episode of Joakim´s podcast "Sosialkringkastingen". About 1 hour. Will appear soon, as both podcast and YouTube video.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

First hour of teaching this year

Today I taught for 1 hour, and followed teaching another hour, in the first of three lectures in academic writing for bachelor thesis students at University of Stavanger´s Department of social studies, along with Kjersti Ørvig.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

34 (half) master exam papers graded

Today I finished grading 34 home exam papers in a philosophical master course in health science (my responsibility was the philosophy of science part) for University of Stavanger´s Department of health studies.

Monday, 2 January 2017

462 blog posts in 2016

With 462 blog posts, 2016 was the year I have posted the most blog posts in Utopian Realism in a year so far. The total number of blogposts stands at about 2.440 at year end.

Work hours 2016

Yesterday I looked over my logged work hours in 2016. Altogether I worked for 2.901 hours, which amounts to an average work week of 55,5 hours (vs. 54,6 hours in 2015). Of this 64,9% was spent on academic work (vs. 75% in 2015), 14,1% on book projects etc. (vs. 8,5% in 2015) and 21% on "other" activities (vs. 16,5% in 2015). Among activities that contributed to more spent time doing "other" activities were the Green Party, administrative work (for one thing because we bought a house and moved), and music-making.