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Sunday, 30 December 2018

Some 26.000 words written on "Utslippsfrie nye verden?" manuscript

In 2018, I wrote some 26.430 words on my book manuscript Utslippsfrie nye verden? Karbonfangst i lys av norsk økofilosofi (Emission-free new world? Carbon capture and storage in light of Norwegian ecophilosophy). In comparison, I wrote 19.459 words on this manuscript in 2016 (autumn), and 5.142 words in 2017 (when I took a break with this manuscript to work on the collective popular science monograph Ulvetider, with Lars Lenth and Petter Bøckman, which was published autumn 2017). Total word count is now 58.089. Judging by length alone, I should be able to finish the manuscript in 2019.

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Some writing at writing trip´s last day

At the last day of this writing trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, where I have stayed at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel for 98% of the time, I have made edits to "Socialization of captive wolves improves animal welfare and expands behavioral repertoire", which I co-write with Laura Kiiroja, and finished my article "Human development, inequality and social risks in Latin America and the Nordic countries".

And now I am off to Christmas vacation, in a few hours.

Friday, 21 December 2018

Ex.phil. grading

Today I have finished my part of grading in Ex.phil. at Department of social studies this autumn, totaling 44 home exam papers.

MEE140 grading and grade reporting

Today I have graded 5 papers from the home exam of "Philosophy of science and research methods" (MEE140), and reported grades also on behalf of two other examiners, altogether involving some 54 exam papers.

Webpage for NORPART project "Cuban and Nordic welfare"

A webpage for our NORPART project "Cuban and Nordic welfare" (2019-2023) has now been launched - see here. More info is to follow. The page sorts under the University of Stavanger´s overview page on research in health and welfare.

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Lenth interview on wolves reappeared in 3 local newspapers

The interview with my co-author of Ulvetider (along with Petter Bøckman) Lars Lenth, which appeared in Dagsavisen yesterday, today appeared in:
* Dagsavisen Østfold
* Rogaland Avis
* Fremtiden

These local newspapers share content with Dagsavisen.

See also:

Writing trip to Copenhagen

This morning I flew to Copenhagen for a writing trip. However, unfortunately, I also have other tasks I need to get done before Christmas.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Christmas event

Today I attended the Christmas-end-of-semester event at University of Stavanger.

Hungarian translation of introductory chapter on zoosemiotics published

Our introductory chapter from the 2016 University of Tartu Press book Animal Umwelten in a changing world - Zoosemiotic perspectives has now appeared in Hungarian translation:

— 2018h. Maran, Timo; Tønnessen, Morten; Magnus, Riin; Mäekivi, Nelly; Rattasepp, Silver; Tuur, Kadri (2018). Bevezetés a zooszemiotikába. Filozófiai és történeti áttekintés [Introduction to zoosemiotics. Philosophical and historical review; translation of 2016l, in Hungarian]. In: Szirmai Éva, Tóth Szergej, Újvári Edit (eds), Állati jelek, képek és terek [Animal signs, Pictures and spaces]. Szeged: Szegedi Egyetemi Kiadó, Juhász Gyula Felsöoktatási Kiadó, 15–34.

"Thinking about animals..." book to appear in paperback edition

We have been informed that a paperback edition of our book Thinking about animals in the age of the Anthropocene, published by Lexington Books, will be published this Spring. The hardcover edition appears in 2016.

Christmas time, wolf and wine...

Lars Lenth, with whom I co-wrote the book Ulvetider (along with Petter Bøckman), is featured in a page-long interview on p. 2 in today´s edition of national Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen, titled "-Kampen ingen kan vinne" (The fight no-one can win). The interview is, of course, focussed on wolves, as the annual hunting season is approaching - which is one of the reasons (besides the annual incidents of sheep predation each summer) why wolf interest fluctuates in seasonal manners. Our book is mentioned.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Two meetings

Today I have attended two meetings, in relation to the transition to my role as Vice-Dean of Research at UiS Faculty of Social Sciences - first as an observer during the last meeting of the PhD committee lead by outgoing Vice-Dean Håvard Hansen, and then a meeting with my Head of department to discuss who might take over my teaching-related responsibilities next year.

Monday, 17 December 2018

Philosophers´ dinner at Fish & Cow

Yesterday I attended the UiS philosophers´ dinner at Fish & Cow in downtown Stavanger. No animals were hurt during the course of my own meal.

Partial draft of ERC application

Yesterday, in the mature evening, I finished a partial draft of my ERC Consolidator Grant application, themed "Assessment of human and animal wellbeing in the Anthropocene". Just some 15-20 pages so far (sic). I am now awaiting a first round of consulting feedback.

UiS news story on my new Vice-Dean for Research position

A news story was published today on the intranet of the University of Stavanger, announcing that there is a "Ny prodekan for forsking ved SV" (New Vice-Dean of Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences).  The story includes an interview of and portrait of me, and the photo below. Both story and photo is by Karoline Reilstad.

Friday, 14 December 2018

MEES evaluation meeting attended

Today I attended an evaluation meeting with some teachers and student representatives for MEES, the UiS Master in Energy, Environment and Society.

To be Vice-Dean of research; portrait interview

Today I was interviewed for a UiS news story that will be published shortly, in relation to the fact that I have been appointed as Vice-Dean of Research at University of Stavanger´s Faculty of Social Sciences, effective from January 1st 2019 and for two years.

I was first contacted by the Dean Tuesday this week, had a meeting with her on Wednesday, and was formally appointed by the rector of UiS, Marit Boyesen, on Thursday. So for the next two years I will be devoting 50% of my work time to my role as Vice-Dean for Research, and will have 50% for research.

Holiday registering

I have applied for holiday this Christmas week, and - belatedly - this Easter. This will still leave me with 14 unused vacation days to transfer to next year (though I did have 4 weeks of holiday this summer).

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Info added to ORCID profile

My ORCID ID page has been updated with info on PhD education, current employment, and 35 works.

Chronicle in Noahs ark

Noahs ark - magasinet for dyrs rettigheter no. 3, 2018, features a chronicle by me entitled "Menneskedyrets plass i verden" (The human animal´s place in the world), which is an edited and shortened version of a longer article I wrote some years back.

Department Christmas lunch attended

Yesterday I attended Department of social studies´ Christmas lunch, at Victoria hotel downtown. 

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

NORPART meeting

Today I have attended a meeting on our NORPART project "Cuban and Nordic welfare", with participation from NettOp, The University of Stavangers IT development unit, focussed in the main on preliminary planning of development of teaching materials.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Ulvetider published as audiobook

Our book Ulvetider - rovdyret som splitter Norge has now been published as an audiobook, in MP3 format - see presentation and excerpt (in Norwegian) at Bokklubben. The book appeared in hardback edition and as ebook in the autumn of 2017, and has appeared in pocket version and audiobook version this autumn.

This is my first audiobook.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Three abstracts reviewed for ILL12

I have just reviewed three conference abstracts for the 12th international symposium on iconicity in language and literature, as a member of its scientific committee.

Cuba seminar chaired

Today I chaired a half-day seminar on developments on Cuba, in relation to our NORPART project "Cuban and Nordic welfare" (2019-2023), featuring a lecture by political scientist Vegard Bye, "Cuba from Castro to post-Castro", and presentation of the NORPART project by project leader Siv Oltedal. Some 18 people attended.

Continuation exam grading of bachelor thesis

Today I have taken part in the (continuation exam) grading of a bachelor thesis in child welfare. 

Sunday, 9 December 2018

ISBS meeting attended in EiC role

Today I attended a teleconference meeting with Executive Officers of the International Society for Biosemiotic Studies (ISBS), in my role as Main Editor-in-Chief for Biosemiotics.

Friday, 7 December 2018

UiS denies employees to buy books from campus bookstore

Oddly enough, it appears that my employer, the University of Stavanger, will not any more let me buy books from the only academic bookstore on campus, SIS Bok.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

ERC budget meeting

Today I have had a meeting with a consultant from the UiS R & D department in relation to my ERC Consolidator Grants application, which is in process.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Autumn´s 11th writing day

Today I had this autumn´s 11th writing day, with some 5 hours devoted to (almost) finishing my article "Human development, inequality and social risks in Latin-America and the Nordic countries".