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Monday, 31 October 2011


To be posted soon (i.e., post-November 7th, when I return with my wife from a 4-day holiday to Bodø):

> Utopian: Hamar...
> Utopian: Volga reservert for 5-10 pers 15des kl16-
> Utopian: Umw traj 2013
> Utopian: Revised Rodopi timeline
> Utopian: 3rd zoosemiotic research seminar
> Utopian: Champagne 2011 (ref)
> Utopian: Council pres and decision 24Oct
> Utopian, Utopisk: Bloggintervju/Liberaleren
> Utopian: Grant seminar
> Utopian, Utopisk: Youtube hit
> Utopian: Flight dates 14-16Dec, travel plans, fellow travellers
> Utopian: Beever ref
> Utopian: Ai100 meeting; chronicle; webpage (meeting)
> Utopian: Rootsi+Silver>Nelly
> Utopian: chair (+ treasurer) MAN. MAN members; arb plan, styre
> Utopian: Shared worlds sem
> Utopian: Grant seminar 25, program
> Utopian: uis... (hired etc) + klepp
> Utopian: Deadline abs Jan15 2012
> Utopian: Materialisten
> Utopian: Uppsala schedule
> Utopian: Uppsala abstract
> Utopian: No GEO5 role
> Utopian: thesis update - final contents?
> Utopian: Tartu x 2 (semiotics podcast; university by ranking
> Utopian, Utopisk (horse panel); updated program
> Utopian: Levert (final title + ee title)
> Utopian: NoSP 2012 CFP (invite to eco-phen. panel?)

Monday, 24 October 2011

Doctoral dissertation accepted for defense

The Council of Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics (University of Tartu) has just unanimously decided to accept my doctoral dissertation "Umwelt transition and Uexküllian phenomenology: An ecosemiotic analysis of Norwegian wolf management" for defense on December the 15th.

More info to follow - as for now I have a 1 month backlog in Utopian Realism... Hope to be back on track by a week.