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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

"Thinking about animals..." book on Rowman webpage: Blurb, contributors

Lexington Books, an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield, has now published a page online on our forthcoming book Thinking about Animals in the Age of the Anthropocene. For now, the page presents the book´s blurb, Table of Contents, and three endorsements, and lists the editors and contributors.

The term “Anthropocene”, the era of mankind, is increasingly being used as a scientific designation for the current geological epoch. This is because the human species now dominates ecosystems worldwide, and affects nature in a way that rivals natural forces in magnitude and scale. Thinking about Animals in the Age of the Anthropocene presents a dozen chapters that address the role and place of animals in this epoch characterized by anthropogenic (human-made) environmental change. While some chapters describe our impact on the living conditions of animals, others question conventional ideas about human exceptionalism, and stress the complex cognitive and other abilities of animals. The Anthropocene idea forces us to rethink our relation to nature and to animals, and to critically reflect on our own role and place in the world, as a species. Nature is not what it was. Nor are the lives of animals as they used to be before mankind´s rise to global ecological prominence. Can we eventually learn to live with animals, rather than causing extinction and ecological mayhem?

Supervisors for 180 students soon ready

Today I have worked with a colleague on assigning supervisors to ca. 180 students at University of Stavanger´s Department of social studies (bachelor thesis in child welfare / social work). This work has gone on for more than a week, but today we tried to wrap up the details. The assignments will be announced on Friday.

Reassessment grade

Today, along with Espen Gamlund, I examined a home exam paper in Ex.Phil. for University of Stavanger´s Department of social studies, upon complaint on the original grade given (reassessment).

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Siri Kalvig to head UiS Research Network in Sustainable Energy

Siri Kalvig has been employed as Associate professor at University of Stavanger and appointed  leader of the newly established Research Network in Sustainable Energy, according to a UiS news story. I take this as a signal that this network may get a quite high profile. Siri Kalvig is very much qualified for the job, in terms of science, business contacts, and media abilities.


I was on holiday last Friday, with my son (in Bergen, until Sunday). But worked all night.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Reports composed for Norwegian Animal Ethics Conference 2015

Last week I completed the financial report of the Norwegian Animal Ethics Conference 2015, which was to a considerable extent funded by the Fritt Ord foundation. Inger-Johanne Marheim composed the written evaluation report.

"Thinking about animals..." book proof-read; index compiled

Friday night I finished proof-reading (along with co-editors Kristin Armstrong Oma and Silver Rattasepp) and compiling the index of the forthcoming book Thinking about animals in the age of the Anthropocene.