Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Wolf book referred to in daily´s commentary

Our book Ulvetider (Vega forlag 2017) is referred to in the commentary "Omstreifende stedfortreder" by Lars Gilberg, which was published in the Norwegian national daily Vårt Land on March 9th.

To be co-supervisor on progress-themed ph.d. project at Department of Cultural Studies and Languages (IKS)

About a week ago I was informed that the ph.d. project "Progress and political action in an age of environmental crisis" has been allocated a ph.d. position by the Dean of University of Stavanger´s Faculty of Arts and Education. Tyson Ashley Retz will be main supervisor, with me as co-supervisor. The ph.d. scholar will be employed at Department of Cultural Studies and Languages (IKS). A call for applications will appear in late 2020, with start date August 1st 2021.

Monday, 6 April 2020

Writing day

Today I had a writing day devoted to my semiotics companion chapter "Semiotics in ethology and zoology", with some 7-800 words written. Total number of article writing days this year is up to 26,5.

5 exam papers graded

Today I have graded 5 exam papers for the continuation exam in Ex.phil. at Department of social studies.

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Google Scholar: 427 citations, i10 index 16

According to Google Scholar (cf. my profile) my research now has 427 citations (+26 since end of December), with 19 citations registered in 2020 so far.

My i10-index is up to 16 (up 3 from December, up 2 from November). In other words, 16 of my publications now has at least 10 citations each.

My h-index remains 11.

Friday, 3 April 2020

Norwegian-Baltic research application OPINION submitted

Today our Norwegian-Baltic research application "One planet: Inclusion and environmental awareness" (OPINION) was submitted, after intense preparations the last few days and weeks. I take part in two work packages, came up with the project title and acronym, and have recruited two external experts, among other things. Kathrine Skoland is designated Norwegian Project Leader, with me and Ingvil Hellstrand also being involved researchers. If funded 15% of my work time will be devoted to this project for 3 years. Kaunas University of Technology would run the project, with partners in Stavanger, Riga (Riga Stradins University) and Tartu.

Two firsts: A digital ph.d. defence and a Zoom meeting

Today I have attended/watched the trial lecture and beginning of ph.d. defence of Nina Hjertvikrem (UIS Business School). This was the first digital trial lecture and ph.d. defence ever at University of Stavanger - and was held partaking in the ph.d. programme in social sciences, which I am heading.

I have also attended my first Zoom meeting - in the biosemioticians´ cave, as it were.