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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Post no. 287, 2014

I have now posted more in this blog, Utopian Realism, than any previous year. Until now 2013's 286 posts was the peak. I also posted >200 posts in 2010 and 2011.

Early human Umwelt article copy-edited

This week I responded to copy-editing queries to my article "The ontogeny of the embryonic, foetal and infant human Umwelt" (see previous posts), which is to appear soon in Sign Systems Studies.

Friday, 29 August 2014

To be course coordinator for bachelor thesis in child welfare

I have agreed with my head of department Svanaug Fjær that I will this academic year be course coordinator (emneansvarlig) for the subject Bachelor thesis in child welfare (course code BBABAC_5), with research method taught by Lars André Nysæther, at the University of Stavanger's Department of social studies. Close to 100 students will write bachelor theses next Spring, and part of my responsibility will be appointing supervisors, teach academic writing, and supervise students on project outlines.

The course, which amounts to 30 study points (one full semester), is part of the bachelor in child welfare.

To write chapter on mentions of animals in political party programs

I have accepted an invitation to contribute with a book chapter to an edited collection based on presentations from the "Framing nature: Signs, Stories and Ecologies of Meaning" conference (Tartu, April 29 - May 3 2014 - see previous posts), where I presented the paper "Animals Qua Sentient Beings vs. Animals Qua Resources: A Critical Reading of the Mentions of Animals in Norwegian Political Party Programs". The book, which is to be edited by Hannes Bergthaller and Peter Mortensen, will appear in 2015 in Rodopi's new book series "Studies in Environmental Humanities".

A full manuscript is due March 1st 2015. Work title for my chapter is "A Critical Reading of the Mentions of Animals in Political Party Programs".

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Norwegian Animal Protection Day to be held March 21st 2015; venue; homepage

It has now been decided that Dyreverndagen (Norwegian Animal Protection Day) 2015 will take place at DogA in Oslo on Saturday March 21st 2015. Events include an inspirational seminar and evening party with prize ceremony. Dyreverndagen is arranged by a work group sorting under Minding Animals Norway.

Dyreverndagen also has a new homepage and a Facebook page.

Umwelt review article in process

This week I have started contributing to the article "The biosemiotic glossary project: Umwelt", which is to be written by Carlo Brentari, Riin Magnus and myself. The review article, which is to be published in Biosemiotics #1/2015, is due December 1st.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Norwegian Animal Ethics Conference featured on national radio

On August 20th The Norwegian Animal Ethics Conference (Dyreetikkonferansen) 2014, which is co-organised by Minding Animals Norway, was featured on national broadcaster NRK P1's afternoon program "Her og nå", with interviews with Tore Kristiansen and Gudbrand Bakken. Podcasts for the program are available here.