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Monday, 17 December 2018

Philosophers´ dinner at Fish & Cow

Yesterday I attended the UiS philosophers´ dinner at Fish & Cow in downtown Stavanger. No animals were hurt during the course of my own meal.

Partial draft of ERC application

Yesterday, in the mature evening, I finished a partial draft of my ERC Consolidator Grant application, themed "Assessment of human and animal wellbeing in the Anthropocene". Just some 15-20 pages so far (sic). I am now awaiting a first round of consulting feedback.

UiS news story on my new Vice-Dean for Research position

A news story was published today on the intranet of the University of Stavanger, announcing that there is a "Ny prodekan for forsking ved SV" (New Vice-Dean of Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences).  The story includes an interview of and portrait of me, and the photo below. Both story and photo is by Karoline Reilstad.

Friday, 14 December 2018

MEES evaluation meeting attended

Today I attended an evaluation meeting with some teachers and student representatives for MEES, the UiS Master in Energy, Environment and Society.

To be Vice-Dean of research; portrait interview

Today I was interviewed for a UiS news story that will be published shortly, in relation to the fact that I have been appointed as Vice-Dean of Research at University of Stavanger´s Faculty of Social Sciences, effective from January 1st 2019 and for two years.

I was first contacted by the Dean Tuesday this week, had a meeting with her on Wednesday, and was formally appointed by the rector of UiS, Marit Boyesen, on Thursday. So for the next two years I will be devoting 50% of my work time to my role as Vice-Dean for Research, and will have 50% for research.

Holiday registering

I have applied for holiday this Christmas week, and - belatedly - this Easter. This will still leave me with 14 unused vacation days to transfer to next year (though I did have 4 weeks of holiday this summer).

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Info added to ORCID profile

My ORCID ID page has been updated with info on PhD education, current employment, and 35 works.