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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Biosemiotics 10(1) published; humanities manifesto reference

Biosemiotics volume 10, issue 1 has now been published. Online issue here. Among other texts it features "How can the study of the humanities inform the study of Biosemiotics?", co-authored by me.

Don Favareau, Kalevi Kull, Gerald Ostdiek, Timo Maran, Louise Westling, Paul Cobley, Frederik Stjernfelt, Myrdene Anderson, Morten Tønnessen and Wendy Wheeler 2017. How can the study of the humanities inform the study of biosemiotics? Biosemiotics 10(1): 9–31. DOI: 10.1007/s12304-017-9287-6 (published online April 8th 2017).

Monday, 22 May 2017

Farina et al. featured in Springer campaign "Save the world"

An article published  by Biosemiotics, of which I am a Co-Editor-in-Chief, "The application of the acoustic complexity indices (ACI) to ecoacoustic event detection and identification (EEDI) modeling", is featured in a Springer campaign centered on articles that can "Change the world" (it was nominated by us editors). 

See campaign page here and the article by Almo Farina et al. here.
In order to protect biological diversity, we need to recognize it and map it properly. This article impressively demonstrates how to map acoustic diversity.

Part of technologies of government network application

I have agreed to be part of an application to establish a Norwegian research network on contested technologies of government in biodiversity management, initiated by NTNU.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Meeting to prepare time schedule for MEE140

Today I have attended a meeting at University of Stavanger with the time scheduling unit to book times and rooms for teaching in the course "Philosophy of science and research methods" this autumn, which has been ascribed the course code MEE140.

Meeting with deputy mayor of Stavanger

Today I attended and facilitated a meeting between Erasmus Mundus students in the "Welfare state and welfare policy" course and the deputy mayor of Stavanger at Stavanger City Hall. This was our last appointment in field work this month.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Interviewed by NRK P2 about the art of walking

Today I was interviewed by NRK P2´s Jostein Gjertsen for Verdibørsen, on Thoreau and the art of walking.

One and a half meeting at Stavanger City Hall

Today I attended one and a half more meetings with Erasmus Mundus "Welfare state and welfare policy" students and Stavanger politicians at Stavanger City Hall.