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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Call for contributions - more-than-human rhetorics?

I have shared a call for contributions on the Biosemiosis blog, "Rhetorical Animals: Boundaries of the Human in the Study of Persuasion" (book volume, eds. Alex Parrish and Kristian Bjørkdahl).

Visiting Lisbon zoo

Today I have visited Jardim Zoológico de Lisboa - the Lisbon zoo - with my son and wife. Most of the animals clearly have too little living space - for instance, the large mammals do not have proper space for running.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Two papers accepted for presentation at "Animals in the Anthropocene" conference

A week ago I was formally informed that two abstracts I am co-author of have been accepted as basis for oral presentation at the September 17-19 University of Stavanger conference "Animals in the Anthropocene: Human-animal relations in a changing semiosphere". The two abstracts, both of which are co-authored with Paul Thibault, are titled "Proto-language in wolves" and "Human Perceptions of Wolves and other Animals in Contemporary Norway" respectively.

I am the chair of the Local organising committee of the conference and have been coordinating the work of the Scientific advisory committee, but have of course not taken part in the evaluation of these two abstracts.

Abstract evaluation and suggestions for NASS IX

This weekend I have evaluated abstracts for the upcoming 9th conference of the Nordic Association for Semiotic Studies (NASS), alias the 2015 Tartu Summer School in Semiotics - see conference page - as a member of the conference´s abstract evaluation committee. I have formally evaluated 21 abstracts and given optional input concerning the placements in sessions of some more.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Letter to the editor on green growth

Yesterday I had a letter to the editor published in the regional Norwegian daily Fædrelandsvennen, "Spørsmål til Venstre om vekst" [Questions to Social Liberal Party on growth], where I refer to my academic article "The statistician´s guide to Utopia: The future of growth".

Friday, 17 April 2015

2014: 3rd most-publishing scholar at Faculty of social science

Today University of Stavanger has published data on publication points (see previous posts) acquired in 2014. With my 3,2 points, I was the 3rd most-publishing scholar at the Faculty of social science (which has more than 200 staff - in the top 5, curiously enough only 1 is a professor). With a small margin to several colleagues, I was the one scholar from health or social studies with the most publication points (my points was divided between Department of social studies and Department of health studies, with 1,7 and 1,5 points respectively). These two departments have more than 100 scholars employed combined.

My publication points in 2014 represents 0,64 % (-0,02%) of the total for UiS (499,3), 2,3 % (-0,2%) of the total for Faculty of social science (141,03) - four-five times the average per scholar at UiS (0,71), and five times the average per scholar at Faculty of social science (0,63). While the publication points I allocated to Department of social studies represent 10,6% of their total (16,09), the points allocated to Department of health studies represent 3,2 % of their total (47,44).

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2-day workshop with Peter Dukes attended (PRE-FRIPRO event)

Today and yesterday I have attended the third and final PRE-FRIPRO event at University of Stavanger, organised by the university´s Research and Innovation Department and designed to prepare "Young research talent" applicants for research applications within the Research Council of Norway´s FRIPRO program (independent projects). The last two days the program has consisted in a workshop lead by Peter Dukes and attended by some 20 mostly young (and mostly talented) scholars. Very useful.