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Monday, 25 September 2017

Biosemiotics #8 in category "History & Philosophy of Science"

According to citation data from Thompson Web of Science, in 2016 Biosemiotics was the ranked as no. 8 in terms of Impact Factor (0,964) in the category "History & Philosophy of Science".

6 hours of teaching

Today I have been teaching for 6 hours in Examen Philosophicum at Department of social studies - first the sixth lecture, then two seminars. The topic for today´s lecture was political justice.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Final conference of Estonian-Norwegian research programme attended in Harju, Estonia

Today and yesterday I have attended the final, concluding conference of the Estonian-Norwegian research programme. Representatives of some 13 bilateral research projects have been present, including Timo Maran and myself from ours, "Animals in changing environments: Cultural mediation and semiotic analysis". The conference was held on Laulasmaa Spa Hotel in Harju quite close to Tallinn.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Work plan adjusted; responsibility in MEM110

My work plan for University of Stavanger has been adjusted. I will start supervising Joakim Jiri Haaland as PhD student January 1st 2018 (not this autumn). However, next Spring I will lecture for 6 hours and have responsibility (again) for field visits in the course "Welfare state and welfare policy".

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Fifth philosophy of science lecture

Today I gave the fifth and final lecture on philosophy of science in the course "Philosophy of science and research methods". Today´s main topic was research ethics.

Staff meeting

Today I attended (most of) the staff meeting at Department of social studies, which included discussion about streaming of lectures and questions during exams.

Family and freedom chapter to appear in December; renamed book title

Our chapter "Familie og fridom. Norsk familiepolitikk i lys av liberal politisk teori" [Family and freedom. Norwegian family policies in light of liberal political theory] is likely to be published in December this year, I´ve been notified. It will appear in the book Barneomsorg på norsk: I samspill mellom hjem og stat [Childcare in Norway: In interplay between home and state], tp be published by Universitetsforlaget.