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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Minding Animals Award 2015 to Bergljot Børresen

On Saturday March 21st, during Dyreverndagen (the Norwegian Animal Protection Day) at DogA in Oslo, the Norwegian Minding Animals Award 2015 was presented. Being the Chair of Minding Animals Norway, I was presenting the award on behalf of the jury. The prize, which consisted of an artwork by Ksenia Aksenova and a diploma, was awarded to Bergljot Børresen, a Norwegian veterinarian who has written extensively about human-animal relations, particularly on domestic animals, and challenged anthropocentric notions. The prize was received by Marianne Melgaard on Børresen´s behalf.

Børresen has published e.g. on Gyldendal (see author page).

Norwegian Animal Protection Day held in Oslo

On Saturday March 21st I attended Dyreverndagen (the Norwegian Animal Protection Day) at DogA in Oslo. The event was organised by a working group sorting under Minding Animals Norway, consisting of some 15 volunteers. Some 170 people attended the event, which consisted of a seminar at day-time and a party/concert with award ceremonies in the evening.

I was on stage at two occasions - first at the end of the seminar, when I surprised project leader Hilde Valbjørn Hagelin with a bouquet of flowers. And then in the evening, I presented the winner of the 2015 Minding Animals award.

Minding Animals stand attended

On Saturday March 21st, at Dyreverndagen (the Norwegian Animal Protection Day) at DogA in Oslo, I attended the Minding Animals stand for some time in the breaks. We sold books, had brochures on display, and explained participants what we are doing as an organisation.

Monday, 30 March 2015

"Umwelt Theory For Our Time" FRIPRO application drafted

After hours on March 20th I finished a research application draft aimed at the Norwegian FRIPRO (independent projects) grant scheme. The application draft (10 pp.), or rather the project, is titled "Umwelt Theory For Our Time". I finished a draft by this date in an attempt to have it selected as one of three application drafts that are to be reviewed at a PRE-FRIPRO workshop at University of Stavanger in mid-April.

9 Ex.Phil. papers graded

Today I have graded 9 exam papers in Examen Philosophicum (course code BSNEXP) for University of Stavanger´s Department of health studies.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Hospitalised - now back home

I was hospitalised Monday to Friday last week and am now recovering at home. For this reason, I am currently slightly behind schedule with several responsibilities (now catching up).

Friday, 20 March 2015

Included in prospective research network - animal welfare for pigs and hens

I have agreed to be part of a prospective research network, with the name "COST GroupHouseNet", which will if funded conduct networking activities involving knowledge dissemination etc. in the study of animal welfare for pigs and hens. The application is initiated by the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and involves researchers representing 17 institutions in 15 European countries.