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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Panel discussion on fish welfare chaired

Yesterday I chaired the panel discussion at the Norwegian Animal Ethics Conference 2014 (Dyreetikkonferansen 2014), with the theme "Fiskelykke" [fish happiness/welfare]. The panel discussion, which lasted for some 75 minutes, involved Aud Skrudland (The Norwegian Food Safety Authority), Tore Kristiansen (Norway's Institute of Marine Research), Henrik Stenwig (Norwegian Seafood Federation) and Susanna Lybæk (Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance), and contributions from the audience.

To chair panel discussion at Norwegian animal ethics conference

About a week ago it was decided that I would chair the roundtable discussion at Dyreetikkonferansen 2014 [The Norwegian Animal Ethics Conference 2014] (Trondheim, August 20th), which has the theme "Fiskelykke" [Fish happiness/welfare].

Program for "Biosemiotic ethics" session slightly changed

The program for the session "Biosemiotic ethics" (see previous posts), which will take place Friday September 19th at the upcoming 12th world congress of semiotics (Sofia, Bulgaria, September 16-20), has been slightly changes. All three presentations will start 30 minutes later than previously scheduled - see updated program. The session will take place at 4-6 pm. Also, the program now makes clear that the "Biosemiotic ethics" session is not merged with "New trends in bio-/eco-/zoosemiotics" (chairs: Timo Maran, Kalevi Kull and Frederik Stjernfelt), although it takes place straight after it in the same room.

My presentation "Introducing biosemiotic ethics" will take place at 16.00-16.30.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Featured in Minding Animals International bulletin #19, MA Norway "most successful MA national group"

In mid-October 2013, the 19th bulletin of Minding Animals International, which is distributed via email to some 2.000 activists and others with an interest in Human-Animal Studies, was distributed. I was featured on p. 7 (see below), as part of a story titled "Meet the Minding Animals Board and Committee members" (pp. 5-7). Here, Minding Animals Norway is characterised as "the most successful MA national group".

UiS Director of communications signals proposed debate pages will be considered

In response to my debate article "Debattsider i Univers?" [Debate pages in Univers?] two days ago, Anne Selnes, Executive Editor of the magaine UniverS and Director of communications at University of Stavanger, has written the reply "Debattsider i UniverS" [Debate pages in UniverS]. Here, she explains the history of communications policy related to the magazine, says a major evaluation of communications policy is underway, and that my suggestion can be considered in that context.

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