Sunday, 26 January 2020

7th article writing day this Spring

Today I have had the 7th article writing day so far this Spring, with some 5 hours devoted to working on my article "Anticipating the societal transformation required to solve the environmental crisis in the 21st century: Umwelt trajectories revisited", and some 1.000 words added. I have made considerable progress with the framework of the article, making and explaining the figure "Three-dimensional interactive semiotic model of societal transformations".

TV/radio interview on legal killing of wildlife aired October 8th 2019

On October 8th 2019 I was interviewed live in the NRK program "Dagsnytt 18", which airs on national TV (NRK2) and is also broadcast on national radio (NRK P2). The segment was called "Flere småfugler kan skytes" (More small birds may be shot). Representing University of Stavanger and Norway´s Council for animal ethics, I was interviewed by Gry Elisabeth Veiby along with Christian Steel (SABIMA).

TV here, radio here.

Friday, 24 January 2020

Half an article writing day yesterday

Yesterday, Thursday January 23rd, I had half an article writing day. Total for the Spring is now 6 writing days. I proof-read "What can be known about future Umwelten?", and read and reviewed the book contract for our book Semiotic agency: Science beyond mechanism.

Project proposal reviewed for Czech Science Foundation

Last autumn I reviewed a research project proposal for the Czech Science Foundation. Seems like I forgot to request payment in time.

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Two meetings and a work lunch

Today I attended the faculty leadership meeting, and a meeting in preparation of establishing an arrangement for funding of research groups at the faculty. I also had a work lunch with representatives of two research networks at the university to learn from their experiences.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Three meetings (incl. supervision)

Three meetings today:
- took part in opening an info meeting with our faculty and Faculty of health sciences on this Spring´s calls from Research Council of Norway
- Bachelor thesis supervision, first session
- planning meeting in relation to Network for welfare research´s workshop next week

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Two-three meetings

Today I have attended the faculty´s leadership group meeting, which included discussing UIS strategy (based on some new signals from the UIS leadership) and a meeting with pro rector for research Merete Vadla Madland. During the latter I presented the level and development of research activity at the faculty, supplementing the Dean´s presentation about research at the faculty.

I also attended and chaired the third meeting of the "new" doctoral committee.