Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Cristin reporting for 2017

I have just finished registering entries for 2017 in Cristin. All together 28 entries, including seven articles that should give publication points.

Here are my 2017 entries. All together I have some 176 entries in Cristin (an average of 29,3/year since I started reporting in 2012).

Group supervision

Today I had my first group supervision with the four students writing bachelor thesis in child welfare that I am supervising this Spring.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Moved to new office

Today I moved from one office to another. My new office is KA-A-256 in Kjell Arholms hus, Ullandhaug campus.

Monday, 29 January 2018

NSD approves project extension

The use of research data in the subproject of EMP151 "Animals in changing environments" called "Representations both Problematic and Romanticizing of Large Mammals especially Wolves" has been extended for a 6 month period until the end of June. Articles are still in process.

In transit

Just got back from Cuba (and Mexico). Well, not quite - Schiphol airport for the time being.

Friday, 26 January 2018

14th newsletter of MAN

Some days ago I composed and distributed the 14th newsletter of Minding Animals Norway, via email, from Mexico City.

Not nominated for department council

I tried to nominate myself as candidate for the department council of Department of social studies, but, curiously, it appears that the nomination form I send was blank. And so I will not be in the department council.

Monday, 22 January 2018

Predation paper given at MAC4

Today I presented my paper "The semiotics of predation and the Umwelten of large predators" in the session "Considering wildlife I" at the 4th international Minding Animals Conference, held in Mexico City. Some 12 people were present.

In Scientific Committee for IACS3, Toronto

I have silently accepted to be appointed, again, as a member of the Scientific Committee of the 3rd conference of the International Association for Cognitive Semiotics (IACS), shich is to be held on Toronto July 13-15th.

Biosemiotics 10(3) published, completing 10th volume

Biosemiotics volume 10, issue 3 has appeared. This issue includes an editorial co-edited by Timo Maran, Alexei Sharov and myself, "The first decade of Biosemiotics", and the fourth review article in the Biosemiotic Glossary Project, on the term "intentionality", by Don Favareau and Arran Gare.

Day off at MAC4 - trip to Teotihuacán

Yesterday I went with a bunch of fellow MAC4 conference participants to Teotihuacán about an hour´s drive from Mexico City, to see the remnants of this ancient city.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Panel "Animals and philosophy" held at MAC4

Today I participated in the panel "Animals and philosophy", moderated by Andy Lamey and with the panel also including Dale Jamieson, Erin McKenna and Mylan Engel  Jr. The panel was attended by some 50 people.


Book review of Sann opplysning? for Prosa written

In the beginning of this week I finished my book review of an anthology called Sann opplysning? Naturvitenskap i nordiske offentligheter gjennom fire århundrer? (eds. Tønnesson and Roos, Cappelen Damm Akademisk 2017), which will appear in Prosa #1/2018.

Friday, 19 January 2018

NASS on Facebook

The Nordic Association for Semiotic Studies is now on Facebook. Our page has just passed 50 Likes.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Text for video art exhibition "Vitner" composed

At the beginning of this week I finished my text for the brochure of Eli Glader´s video art exhibition "Vitner" [Witnesses], which is to be on display from February to May in Sølvberget galleri, Stavanger.

Teleconference meeting on Biosemiotics

This morning I took part in a teleconference call with our managing editor in Springer and my two fellow Editors-in-Chief, to establish contact and assess the status and prospects of our journal Biosemiotics.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

MAI board meeting attended

Today I attended a 5 hour long board meeting and planning session of the Board of Directors of Minding Animals International, in a non-voting role. Topics for discussion included the next Minding Animals Conference, in three years, tool kit plans, and possible reorganization of MAI. Norway (Stavanger or Oslo) might perhaps be a candidate host for MAC5 (or MAC6).

The meeting took place at Hotel Royal Pedregal.

Scheduled for panel participation, summary and SI presentation in Havana

Next week I will go from Mexico to Cuba, where I will take part in the "Welfare research seminar" organized by Universidad de la Habana and University of Stavanger, and hosted by UH (January 24-25th). The seminar will take place in UNESCO Cathedra at Faculty of Philosophy and History.

On January 24th, I have been scheduled to take part in the introductory panel "Welfare and Social work in Cuba - starting points for a comparison", along with Osnaide Izquierdo, Teresa Muñoz, Angela Peña, Dayané Proenza and Roberto Dávalos. In the panel will present my paper "Prosperity and welfare - a comparison of Brazil, Cuba and Norway".

On January 25th, I will take part in Work session III "Welfare research in collaborative perspective", in two rounds - first, summing up common themes from presentations and discussions, and then presenting prospective plans for a special issue of Journal of comparative social work. Both these issues will be addresses by Angela Peña, Siv Oltedal, Sarah Hean and myself.

Welcome reception for MAC4

Tonight I have attended the first couple of hours of the welcome reception of the 4th international Minding Animals Conference, which is held here in Mexico City January 17-24th. The reception took place at Hotel Royal Pedregal.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Heading for Mexico

I am about to board a plane heading for Amsterdam, after which I will transfer to a plane for Mexico City, where the 4th international Minding Animals Conference is held January 17-24th.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Planning of two wolf-themed articles

Today I took part in a Skype call with a colleague (should have been two) to plan for two belated wolf-themed articles we are co-writing based on video material from Wolf Park and our own field work with video-recorded interviews in Norway.

Explanations of grading

I have just composed and sent three explanations of grading in Examen Philosophicum.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

To sign contracts with Sølvberget galleri on "Vitner" contributions

I am in the process of signing contracts with Sølvberget Galleri in relation to Eli Glader´s forthcoming video art exhibition "Vitner" (to open February 10th). I will give three philosophically themed lectures, and write the text for an exhibition brochure.

STSM in preparation

Preparations and plans for the Short-Term Scientific Mission I will host in February are moving ahead, today with a call to coordinate and discuss the way ahead.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Research mobility meeting

This morning I attended a meeting with colleagues and representatives for the research department and international office at University of Stavanger, to discuss mobility application options.

Master project plan approved

I have just approved the project plan of the master student I am supervising.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Second day of personell seminar attended

The Department of social studies´ annual staff trip seminar is drawing to a close. Today we have discussed the future of the bachelor studies in child welfare and social work by discussing core themes and goals.

Havana seminar to be slightly rescheduled

Our welfare research seminar on Cuba later this month, co-organised with University of Havana, will be rescheduled from January 25-26th to January 24-25th.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Home from work with sick children; personell trip to Egersund

Today I have been home from work with two sick children. In the afternoon, I took the train to Egersund to attend Department of social studies´ personell trip/seminar, which lasts until tomorrow. I just heard two rewarding intros by local/regional "field" leaders.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Introductory meeting for new PhD candidates attended

Today I have attended an introductory meeting for new PhD candidates, in the role as supervisor for Joakim Jiri Haaland, with the deputy dean for research Håvard Hansen and faculty PhD coordinator Nadia Sandsmark.

Ulvetider in Bladet Vesterålen

There is mention of our book Ulvetider in the Norwegian local newspaper Bladet Vesterålen today, as well as a cover photo of the book, in the column "Bokhylla" [the book shelf]. However, the text seems to be from the book´s own blurb. 

Thursday, 4 January 2018

MPH130 teaching plan revised

A couple of months ago I revised the teaching plan for "Philosophy of science and health care ethics" - on demand, so to speak (say no more).

Book store chains recommending Ulvetider

Our book Ulvetider [Time of the wolf] appears to have been recommended online by the book store chain Norli; and has also been recommended via Instagram by the chain AdLibris.

"Animals in Norwegian Political Party Programs" article proof-read

I have just proof-read this forthcoming article of mine:

Tønnessen, Morten, forthcoming 2018. Animals in Norwegian Political Party Programs: A Critical Reading. In Hannes Bergthaller and Peter Mortensen (eds), Framing the Environmental Humanities (Studies in Environmental Humanities 5). Leiden: Brill – Rodopi, 103–123.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

PhD Supervisory Qualification Programme

Due to hosting a research visit, I am not able to take part in the UiS PhD Supervisory Qualification Programme this Spring. I hope to take it this autumn instead.

Program areas dilemma

I have been informed that a researcher at University of Stavanger can only be part of maximum two research program areas. Since I am now part of the welfare services research program area plus The Greenhouse, and also involved in the philosophers´ application for a program area on subjectivity, I will have to make a tough choice.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Norwegian Environment Agency cancels import, release of ducks after ethics statement etc.

The Norwegian Environment Agency has withdrawn a permission to import ducks (specifically mallards) for release for hunting purposes. One of the reasons is that Norway´s Council for animal ethics, where I am a member representing animal protection NGOs, has deemed this practice to be unethical. News story in Norwegian here.
At the 4th international Minding Animals Conference (Mexico City January 17-24th), I have also been scheduled to take part in the panel session "Animals and Philosophy" on Saturday 20th of January at 12.00-13.30, along with Andy Lamey (moderator), Dale Jamieson, Jeff Sebo and Mylan Engel Jnr. See program as PDF.

Scheduled to speak 22nd and 23rd on MAC4 in Mexico City

Here is the program, with abstracts, for the 4th international Minding Animals Conference, to be held in Mexico City January 17-24th.

I have been scheduled to present on Monday 22th at 12.00-12.20 (The semiotics of predation and the Umwelten of large predators, in the session "Considering wildlife I") and Tuesday 23rd at 12.50-13.10 (The cultural semiotics of wolves and sheep, same session).

Year total stats for Utopian Realism

According to Statcounter, in 2017 this blog, Utopian Realism, had 3.918 pageloads (-94) and 3.140 (-216) unique visitors, of which 2.723 (-481) were first time visitors and 417 (+264) returning visitors. All-time numbers: 43.524 pageloads, 30.150 unique visitors, of which 27.296 one-time visitors and 2.854 returning visitors.

See also:

Monday, 1 January 2018

The work year 2017 summarized

In 2017 I worked for some 2.863 hours, resulting in a weekly average of 54,9 hours. This is about 1.213 hours more than a normal work year, or 1,735 times as much. 

Last year I worked relatively less with what I characterize as academic work, and slightly more with both book projects and "other work" (including a lot of time spent doing voluntary work for the Norwegian Green Party). 

This had a negative impact on my work hours spent on research, with the lowest percentage post-2011 - but "research" nevertheless narrowly ended up as the biggest single work category, yet again. While Green Party work and time spent on book projects had record highs, the categories for my Philosophy business Spør filosofen, music, administration and "writer" (besides research and book projects) had record lows. 

393 posts in 2017

In 2017 I posted in this academic (b)log, Utopian Realism, 393 times. 2.769 blog posts in the 10 year period 2008-2017 results in an annual average of 277 blog posts. Despite being higher than this long-term average, I posted less in 2017 than in the last three years.