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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

"Semiotic agency" manuscript revised and resubmitted

Alexei Sharov and I have now submitted a revised version of our book manuscript Semiotic agency: Science beyond mechanism to Springer Nature, after having incorporated revisions after peer review feedback.

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

3 meetings and summer semester end event

Today I have attended three meetings and the summer semester end event of Department of social studies, which was attended by some 25 people and involved two academic presentations.

Monday, 21 June 2021

2 meetings and 4 job interviews

Today I have attended two meetings and chaired four job interviews for the position as associate professor of psychology.

Sunday, 20 June 2021


Today I have had a second article writing day devoted to revising our book Semiotic agency - this time mainly editing the edits of first author Alexei Sharov. In the process I added some 300 words to the book manuscript.

Total number of article writing days this Spring is up to 43,5.

Google Scholar: 555 citations; articles tied for top spots

According to Google Scholar (cf. my profile), my research has by now attracted 555 citations (+4 since June 11th). This includes 56 citations in 2021 (+1 since June 11th). My i10-index remains 21 and my h-index 14.

"Umwelt Transitions: Uexküll and environmental change" (2009) and "Umwelt ethics" (2003) are now tied for the top spot with 44 citations each. "The biosemiotic glossary project: Agent, agency" and my ph.d. dissertation (2011) are tied for the 3rd place with 34 citations each.

Friday, 18 June 2021

Special issue "Anticipation and change" from NASS XI (Stavanger 2019) published

Sign Systems Studies vol. 49 No. 1-2 (2021), the special issue "Anticipation and change", has appeared. It draws on papers from NASS XI, held in Stavanger in June 2019 (I was chair of the organizing committee).

Table of contents:

Editorial: Anticipation and Change (7-11)

Lauri Linask, Inesa Sahakyan, Aleksei Semenenko


Anticipating the societal transformation required to solve the environmental crisis in the 21st century (12-62)

Morten Tønnessen 

Solar energy discourse in the Sunshine State (63-85)

Prisca Augustyn 

Music as a non-arbitrary avenue for exploration of the social (86-107)

Juha Ojala

Towards the semiotics of the future: From anticipation to premediation (108-131)

Katre Pärn

Towards an integration of two aspects of semiosis – A cognitive semiotic perspective (132-165)

Piotr Konderak

Metaphor, induction and innovation: Getting outside the box (166-190)

Inesa Sahakyan

Trajectories of anticipation: Preconceptuality and the task of reading habit (191-215)

Sebastian Feil

Narratives and the semiotic freedom of children (216-234)

Sara Lenninger

The dialogic nature of double consciousness and double stimulation: Implications from Peirce and Vygotsky (235-261)

Donna E. West


Today I have had an article writing day devoted mostly to revisions for our book Semiotic agency: Science beyond mechanism, which we are now conducting after having received a peer-review with some points to work on, with some 300 words added.

Total number of writing days this Spring is up to 42,5.