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Friday, 27 November 2020

Model of environmental interplay and change presented at 20th Gathering in biosemiotics

Today I have presented my paper "Introducing a three-dimensional, interactive semiotic model of environmental change" at the 20th gathering in biosemiotics, which is being held digitally today and throughout the weekend. Some 70 people watched the presentation live via Zoom. The conference is also streamed via YouTube and recorded for later use.

Google scholar: 512 citations; i10-index of 20

According to Google Scholar (cf. my profile) my research has to date generated 512 citations (+7 since November 4th). Of these, 61 are from 2020 (+7 since November 4th). 2020 is now my 4th best year in terms of annual citations. 

My i10-index is now 20 (+1 since November 4th), meaning that 20 of my articles have been cited 10 times or more. My h-index remains 13; meaning that 13 of my papers have been cited at least 13 times.

Thursday, 26 November 2020

One and a half meeting and a guest lecture

Today I have attended the faculty leadership meeting at Faculty of social studies, attended the first half of the meeting of Norway´s Council for animal ethics, and given a guest lecture at Department of early education and sports science (IGIS), in a master course on KRLE. The topic of my guest lecture was "Miljøetikk" (environmental ethics - and more). Some 25 people attended.

All events were digital.

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

OECD webinar launching WISE watched

Today I have watched the OECD webinar involving a Virtual high-level roundtable at the occasion of the launch of the OECD Centre on Well-being, Inclusion, Sustainability and Equal Opportunity (WISE). Some 500 people attended the event.

Kristiane Lindland to be new Vice-Dean of Research

Kristiane Marie Fjær Lindland (Associate professor at Department of media and social sciences) will take over as Vice-Dean of Research at the University of Stavanger´s Faculty of social sciences as I step down and am replaced at New Year.

A second Norwegian-Baltic research application rejected; a third (SEMIOPOLIS) submitted

Our second application in the Baltic Research Programme, in the Lithuanian call, was not funded.

A third application in the Baltic Research Programme, in the Latvian call, was submitted in October. The project title is "Semiotic policy analysis facilitating socio-ecological change" (SEMIOPOLIS). In addition to me, Kathrine Skoland and Ingvil Hellstrand are involved in the Norwegian research group. Sergei Kruks is tentative project leader.

Stepping down as Lead Editor-in-Chief of Biosemiotics at New Year

Some time ago I have informed the editorial board of Biosemiotics that at New Year I will be stepping down from the contracted position as lead Editor-in-Chief for. I have served as co-Editor-in-Chief since 2013, since the summer of 2018 as Lead Editor-in-Chief. The reason for me stepping down is that I will start being Head of Department at University of Stavanger´s Department of social studies January 1st (for the period 2021-2024). 

While Filip Jaros will also step down as Editor-in-Chief, Alexei Sharov will continue as Editor-in-Chief, and Yogi Hale Hendlin will start as new lead Editor-in-Chief. Yogi and Alexei are also in process with recruiting Assoctiate Editors, specifically for Asia, Afrika and Latin-America.