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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

2 hours of teaching, 2 more attended

Today I gave the fourth seminar in the fourth round of Ex.phil. seminars this autumn at Department of social studies. 

I also attended Torvald Øgaard´s final lecture in research methods in the Master course "Philosophy of science and research methods", and informed the students about seminar work starting next week, while also introducing our two student assistants for the seminar work in research methods. 

Continued interest in Council of Animal Ethics

I have signaled that I am interested in remaining a member of Norway´s Council for Animal Ethics, where I currently represent animal protection NGOs (since 2017). Animal protection NGOs make suggestions to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food (two sets of candidates), whereas the Ministry appoints members of the council. The next period officially starts January 1st 2019.

Wikipedia page on Biosemiotics

There is a Wikipedia page - a stub - on the journal Biosemiotics, for which I have been an Editor-in-Chief since 2013. The info on Impact Factor is outdated.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Involvement in "Bird music network" application

I am involved as a key speaker/participant in Amanda Bayley´s application to the UK´s Arts and Humanities Research Council for establishment of a "Bird Music Network" administered from Bath Spa University, where she is a Professor of Music. If the network is funded, my involvement will concern participation at two network workshops, and likely co-authorship on at least one scientific article.

Seminar teaching

Today I have taught the third seminar in the fourth round of Ex.phil. seminars.

UiS workshop on ERC grants attended; preliminary ERC project title

Today I have attended a half-day workshop on applying for ERC grants organized by the program area for research "The Greenhouse" with assistance from the University of Stavanger research and innovation unit.

The preliminary title for my ERC Consolidator Grant application is "Assessing human and animal wellbeing in the Anthropocene".

Monday, 15 October 2018

6 hours of teaching

I am about to finish 6 hours straight of Ex.Phil. teaching - for the fourth Monday this autumn. The topic for today´s lecture (followed by two seminars) was normative ethics.