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Friday, 31 May 2019

Presentation with Joakim Haaland scheduled for June 25th at IHSRC 2019, Molde

My joint presentation with Joakim Jiri Haaland, "Joy in the open air - outdoor life at residential care" has been scheduled for presentation on Tuesday June 25th at 16.15-16.45 at the International Human Science Research Conference in Molde June 24-28th (follow link for day program and abstract). 

My solo presentation "Uexküllian phenomenology and existential phenomena" is strangely missing from the program.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Philosophy business thriving in 2018

I have just reported business earnings for 2018, as part of the Norwegian tax settlements. My one-person firm (enkeltmannsforetak) "Spør filosofen" had 93,705 NOK in income, a record (with the possible exception of the year I wrote my grandfather´s biography). The company had 4.008 NOK in expenses, and an operating profit (before tax) amounting to 89.697 NOK (operating profit margin was 95,7%).

The income was mainly drawn from giving a whole course in philosophy of science and health care ethics at UiS (sponsored by Norsk Luftambulanse), and a series of three open lectures, plus composing leaflet text, in connection with the video art exhibition "Vitner" at Sølvberget gallery.

Morten Tønnessen´s impact over time

Her is a graphic version of the Web of Science metrics on my Publons profile. It shows a growing number of Web of Science-citations year by year from 2013 and until 2018 (unlike Google Scholar, which shows a peak for now in 2016).

See also:

Publons profile; 126 Web of Science citations

I have given in to pressure and established a Publon profile, built on my ResearcherID and Web of Science publications (counting 39 according to Publon). Altogether my Public profile lists 48 publications (with the 39 Web of Science publications cited 126 times by other Web of Science publications, resulting in a Web of Science h-index of 7).

Terra invited presentation in Tromsø scheduled for June 7th

On June 67th and 7th I will attend the conference "Terra: Complex relations and dependencies on the Earth", in the New Frontiers in Environmental Philosophy" conference series held at University of Tromsø. On Friday June 7th at 13.00-14.00 I will present my invited presentation "Implications of the Relational Nature of Living Beings for Agency, Autonomy and Moral Status".

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Spring´s fifteenth article writing day

Today I had this Spring´s fifteenth article writing day, finishing the book chapter "The true value of "doing well" economically" after some 5 hours writing work today.

See also here (with disposition for the chapter).

Chapter "The true value of "doing well" economically" finished

I have just finished my book chapter "The true value of "doing well" economically".

Introduction: The rise and fall of GDP as the measure of “doing well” economically 
Overcoming human exceptionalism in the humanities and beyond 
Economic value and other kinds of value 
Goods in economics and beyond 
Widening our understanding of resources 
Widening our understanding of stakeholders 
Conclusions: The true value of “doing well” economically

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

To give popular science lecture at Museum of Archaeology in November

I have agreed to give a public lecture (45 minutes plus discussion) at the Museum of Archaeology in Stavanger on Tuesday November 5th. My working title is "Man as a global species" (Mennesket som global art).

Research school applications considered

Today I have attended a meeting in the recommendation committee (innstillingsutvalg) for research schools in the Ph.d. program in social sciences.

Monday, 27 May 2019

3 meetings and supervision

Today I have attended a meeting in the steering committee for the NORPART project "Cuban and Nordic Welfare", chaired a meeting with leaders of program areas for research, had a research career consultation (as Vice-Dean of research) and had a PhD supervision session.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

Spring´s fourteenth article writing day

On Friday the 24th of May I had this autumn´s fourteenth article writing day, writing on my article "The true value of "doing well" economically" for some 8 hours.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Faculty leadership group gathering in Brighton attended

For the last three days I have been in Brighton, UK, attending my first UiS Faculty of social sciences leadership group gathering abroad - which are held twice a year.

Acknowledged in Alin Olteanu´s book on multiculturalism

I am mentioned in the Acknowledgements section of Alin Olteanu´s new book. Reference:
Olteanu, Alin 2019. Multiculturalism as Multimodal Communication. A Semiotic Perspective (Numanities – Arts and Humanities in Progress 9) [Acknowledgements – p. xiii]. Springer.
Front matter including Acknowledgements is available as PDF here

I feel truly in debt to many people whose support, in some cases over years, in other cases in certain localized moments when needed most, has been extremely helpful. Among the many who helped, I would like to particularly thank and mention Peer Bundgaard, Rabih El Chammay, Oana Andreică, Pietro Restaneo, Aušra Berkmanienė, Ainius Lašas, Saulė Petronienė, Aistė Balžekienė, AudronėTelešienė, Eglė Butkevičene, Mariana Neţ, Morten Tønnessen, ...

Monday, 20 May 2019

Two meetings and supervision session

Today I have attended a meeting planning how to revise our accreditation application for the ph.d. program in social sciences, and chaired my fifth meeting in the Doctoral committee of the ph.d. program. I have also had a 2-hour MA supervision session.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Spring´s twelfth and thirteenth article writing day; writing plans

This week I have had two writing days, one on Wednesday 15th and another one on Thursday the 16th of May. Both have been quite brief - but I went on writing Thursday evening and am also doing some article writing work today. I am working on completing my book chapter "The true value of "doing well" economically", and have also looked over my articles just published in Journal of Comparative Social Work.

Lately and today I have also rescheduled some of my near-future writing plans and plans for the autumn.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Two dialogue meetings

I attended a second dialogue meeting with department leadership yesterday (at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management), and the third and last today (at Department of Social Studies), along with the rest of the leadership of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Article, editorial, special issue on welfare (JCSW) published

Our special issue of Journal of Comparative Social Work, "Welfare in Latin America", has just been published. The whole issue is open access. I have been coordinating guest editor, and contribute to editorial plus an article of my own.


Morten Tønnessen, with Sarah Hean, Siv Oltedal and Angela Pena (guest eds.) (2019). „Welfare in Latin America and the Nordic countries“. Special issue. Journal of Comparative Social Work14(1). 189 pp. URL:
Morten Tønnessen, Sarah Hean, Siv Oltedal and Angela Pena (2019). Welfare in Latin America and the Nordic countries – editorial notes. Editorial. Journal of Comparative Social Work14(1). 8 pp. DOI:
Morten Tønnessen (2019). Human development, inequality and social risks in Latin America and the Nordic countries. Journal of Comparative Social Work14(1). 28 pp. DOI:

Appointments committee meeting

Today I have attended a meeting in the appointments committee at Faculty of social sciences.

Pedagogical development project funds granted

I am involved (though not in a major role) in a pedagogical development project which has received 125.000 NOK in funding from the University of Stavanger´s Faculty of social sciences, titled "Digitale verktøy i internasjonale masterprogram" (Digital tools in international master programs), headed by Siv Oltedal. My involvement is related to my involvement in the NORPART project "Cuban and Nordic Welfare".

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

A seminar, and a meeting (on the go)

Today I attended the second and last day of the UiS Lederforum in Egersund. On the way back home, by car, the faculty leadership had a meeting on our ongoing research school establishment process.

Monday, 13 May 2019

First day of UiS Lederforum, Egersund

Today I have attended the first day of the University of Stavanger´s annual "Lederforum" (leader forum), at Grand Hotel Egersund. The program today has been led by an organizational psychologist.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Biosemiotics 12(1) published

Biosemiotics 12(1) has been published. This is a special issue guest-edited by Karel Kleisner and Timo Maran, titled "Signs and Communication in Mimicry".

The issue also includes the announcement of the winner of the Biosemiotic Achievement Award for 2018, namely Mirko Cerrone´s paper "Umwelt and Ape Language Experiments: On the Role of Iconicity in the Human-Ape Pidgin Language". 

Spring´s eleventh article writing day

On Friday this week I had this Spring´s eleventh article writing day, with some 4 hours devoted to amending a resubmitted article, and pondering upon the table of contents for a joint book project.

Friday, 10 May 2019

Article submission

Our article "The ethics of laying hen genetics" has been submitted to PLOS One. It was transferred from PLOS Genetics a while ago, and amendments to the submission have now been made.

Global CCS Institute webinar attended

Yesterday I attended a webinar held by Global CCS Institute, on "Telling the Norwegian CCS Story: Part 3 - Northern Lights: A European CO2 transport and storage project" - as research for a book project I am working on.

UHR social sciences meeting and seminar attended

Wednesday and Thursday this week I attended the annual meeting of "den fagstrategiske enheten UHR-Samfunnsfag", a national entity for social sciences under Universitets- og høyskolerådet (Universities Norway), representing University of Stavanger´s Faculty of Social Sciences in my capacity as Vice-Dean of Research. The meeting was accompanied by a seminar and took place at Høgskolen i Innlandet, Lillehammer (Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences).

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Two meetings (at least)

Today I have taken part in the Faculty of social sciences´ leadership group meeting, and an information meeting on research schools on Department of social studies. And then some.

UiS news story on welfare research network workshop

The University of Stavanger has published a news story on "Første workshop for Nettverk for velferdsforsking" (First workshop for Network for welfare research), which I co-arranged, moderated and where I presented.

Monday, 6 May 2019

Two meetings and supervision

Today I have attended a dialogue meeting between the leadership of Faculty of social sciences and Department of media and social sciences, and a faculty-level meeting regarding research schools, and had a MA thesis supervision session.

Friday, 3 May 2019

Four meetings

Yesterday and today I have participated in altogether four meetings on establishment of research schools, with two more scheduled for next week. I have also participated in a planning meeting in relation to restructuring of the bachelor in child welfare (which emphasis on philosophy´s part). Ex.phil. will disappear.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Articles cited in Korean environmental philosophy article

Three of my articles are cited in
Nasoo, Kim 2013. Understanding the concepts of co-life and umwelt in an environmental educational perspective [p. 12 Tønnessen 2010c, p. 26, p. 28 Tønnessen 2003 [2009b]]. Environmental Philosophy (The Korean Society For The Study Of Environmental Philosophy) 16: 1–34.
The article, which is in Korean (but with an English abstract), refers to my concepts "bio-ontological monads" and "conceptualized umwelt experience".