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Monday, 4 February 2013

Plan for revision of e-compendiums

The internet-based bachelor in nursing at University of Stavanger's Department of Health Studies is making use of e-compendiums - PDF files that can talk (sic) and have have other interactive qualities. As responsible for Examen philosophicum (BSNEXP), the course in introductory philosophy, I am also responsible for an ongoing revision of these e-compendiums, which in my course number 12 and some 100 pages altogether. Yesterday I outlined a plan for this revision, which will take place over the next three weeks and be concluded by February 24th. I will keep all thematic e-compendiums and not add any, and focus on revising language (rather than content) and on adding some more interactive elements. The e-compendiums have originally been written and composed by Ingunn Sira Myhre.

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