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Friday, 1 February 2013

Academic reporting 2012 - CRIStin

Yesterday I reported publications and other academic activities in 2012 to CRIStin, Current Research Information System In Norway. My reporting, which sorts under University of Stavanger, included 18 activities, namely
  • Three scientific book chapters, one of them co-written
  • Two abstracts printed in a book
  • One co-edited collection of scientific essays
  • Seven scientific presentations in international conferences/seminars/ a workshop
  • One scientific presentation at a Norwegian research seminar
  • One guest lecture
  • One public lecture
  • Two media appearances (interviews)
Of these, however, only two activities, specifically two book chapters, will count in the Norwegian scoring system that ranks researchers in terms of publications and that is the basis for some of the funding received by universities and other edutational institutions.

Regular teaching and such is not included in this reporting scheme (in 2012 I further gave two bachelor courses and one master course, and graded some 400 exam papers). 

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