Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Why I applied for one job, but not another (the sad state of philosophy of language and mind)

Given that I am 36 and only have a temporary position as Associate professor (at University of Stavanger's Department of Health Studies, where I enjoy working), I am looking for a more long-term position. About a week ago I applied for the job as rector at Nansenskolen (a 4-year appointment), a Norwegian folk high school with some 16 staff and 70 students. 

I considered, but did not apply for, a permanent philosophy position at University of Bergen, since this specific position presupposed specialized research competence in philosophy of language and philosophy of mind, which are both predominantly areas of Analytical philosophy and typically carried out in a way I cannot identify with in the mainstream (as a sidecurrent participant, however, I gladly confess that both of these areas are of course of crucial importance to me as they should be carried out).

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