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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Announcement, program booklet for Stavanger workshop; discussions to be chaired by me

The workshop I am helping organising at University of Stavanger's Department of Health Studies, "Agency in Health Care: Phenomenology and Experience", has today been announced. The event will occur April 15th, and on April 16th Stephen Cowley will give an open lecture titled "Interactivity: Implications for language and cognition". The last week or so I have been working with Stephen Cowley, Paul Thibault, Febe Friberg and Sissel Husebø (all of whom will present at the workshop) to compose and complete a 7-page program booklet which includes abstracts and suggested readings. This program booklet is now available for reading and downloading on Scribd. To register for the workshop, write to my UiS email (see program booklet).

As the program details, I will be chairing two 45-minute discussion sessions, and my book chapter "Semiotics of Being and Uexküllian Phenomenology" is on the list of Suggested readings. 

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