Sunday, 8 February 2015

From 50 to 70% contract with Department of social studies; all in all 100% workload and pay at UiS this academic year

I originally had a 50% contract at University of Stavanger's Department of Social Studies when I formally started August 1st last year, but by September I had agreed to increase the percentage to 70% with effect from September 1st (until July 31st 2015). As it turned out, my responsibilities amounted to more than the contract we had signed. My work plan has later been somewhat adjusted, but remained essentially the same, with responsibility mainly for the department´s Examen Philosophicum (SVEXPHIL10) and the bachelor thesis in social work, plus 40% research time.

With agreements on grading of exam papers in Examen Philosophicum at Department of Health Studies (SVEXPHIL2) and the 10% employment in the research project "Animals in changing environments" (EMP151), my total work load and pay at UiS adds up to 100% this academic year.

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