Sunday, 1 February 2015

Academic reporting 2014 - CRIStin; estimate of 2014 publication points

Yesterday and (literally) last night I registered academic activities in 2014 in CRIStin, the Current Research information System in Norway (see my profile, with information from 2012 onwards). I made 36 registrations in total, of these 5 concern academic publications that will be included in the publication point system. For 2014 I should have an estimated 3,7 publication points (vs. 3,1 in 2014). The reporting also includes conference presentations and other talks, and media appearances including interviews.

36 registrations in a year is up 6 from 2013 (when I did not register chronicles and letters to the editor). Based on data from previous years, his likely accounts for at least 1% of the registrations from University of Stavanger.

In total I have for these three last years made 87 registrations in CRIStin.

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