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Sunday, 5 October 2014

New and reformed Editorial Board of Biosemiotics

A couple of weeks ago the other Editors-in-Chief of Biosemiotics (Alexei Sharov and Timo Maran) and myself appointed the members of the new and revised Editorial board of the journal. The new Editorial Board (Advisory Board and Editorial Board have been merged) counts 28 members, compared with 41 members in the old boards combined.

We have intentionally aimed to arrive at a somewhat smaller editorial board. In the process we asked current (now old) members of the boards to signal whether they were interested in remaining in the Editorial Board, and invited new candidatures. All the appointed members of the new Editorial Board have a track record in biosemiotics.

The new list of Editorial Board members will soon appear on the journal homepage, and will also appear in printed issues from #3/2014 (December 2014) onwards.

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