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Friday, 3 October 2014

Two October 24th events announced: Research seminar "Representation of animals"; book presentation

In the same email that announced the first call for papers for the conference "Animals in the Anthropocene: Human-animal relations in a changing semiosphere" (University of StavangerSeptember 17-19, 2015) yesterday, I informed about two events which are to take place at the University of Stavanger on Friday October 24th:
* the 2nd research seminar of the Norwegian research group of the research project "Animals in changing environments", titled "Representation of animals" (10.15-14.45) 
presentation of the book The Semiotics of Animal Representations in Bokkafeen, UiS. at 15.15-15.45, featuring Kadri Tüür (University of Tartu) and myself.
These events too will shortly be announced on the homepage of the research project "Animals in changing environments".

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