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Friday, 12 July 2013

Programmatic chronicle on human-animal relations in the daily Klassekampen

In today's Klassekampen, a Norwegian daily, there is a chronicle written by me, Guri Larsen and Ragnhild Sollund and entitled "Ut av menneskets vold" [loosely: Out of human custody/detention]. This chronicle, which is an outcome of the book we've edited, Hvem er villest i landet her? Råskap mot dyr og natur i antropocen, menneskets tidsalder [Who is wildest in this country here? Brutality towards animals and nature in the Anthropocene, the age of Man], is programmatic in style and content.

Ingress (my translation): 
Environmentalists and animal protectionists should unite their forces in order to change our relation to our surroundings.
Caption (my translation):
Subjected to Man: A life in a cage inflicts animals with suffering and disease. Animal protectionists and environmentalists should form an alliance to give individuals and living systems greater intrinsic value, for the benefit of animals, the environment and humans, the authors write.

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