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Monday, 8 April 2013

"Wolf play" now seen 47.000 times

My video clip "Wolf play", from a research visit to Polar Zoo (Bardu, Troms, Norway) in March 2010, reached 10.000 views in November 2011 and some 33.000 in July 2012. By now it has been shown 47.214 times, meaning it has been shown an additional 14.000 times since last summer.

The ups and downs in views follow the season, with exponential growth throughout the year and then a dive in traffic each Christmas (does anybody know how many videos on YouTube display this pattern - likely due to traffic generating more traffic via increased visibility, combined with a pause in interest for this kind of video during Christmas?).

The video clip has received 132 thumbs up (likes) and 3 thumbs down (dislikes), and has generated 60 comments on YouTube.

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