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Friday, 26 April 2013

Election to UiS board lost

This year's election to the board of the University of Stavanger representing temporarily employed education and research staff was conducted April 11th-17th. I was one of three candidates, along with those who have served as my deputy representatives since last autumn. Information on the candidates was published on the webpages of UiS. Unlike last year the electoral program I submitted was this time included, along with biographical info.

But to no avail. As the election results show, I got only 9 votes, while Clemens Furnes got 14 and Kristian Thorsen 28. There were 5 blank votes. This means I got only 16-18% of the total vote, while Furnes got 25-27% and Thorsen a wopping 51-55%. I will thus be the 2nd deputy member to the board of UiS in 2013-2014.

My last board meeting will find place in mid-June, in Copenhagen.

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