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Sunday, 28 April 2013

My Google Scholar profile page

This is my profile page in Google Scholar - which is verified and public. By following this link you can later click to follow my articles or citations of my articles, and of course get an overview of quite a few of my academic publications. 

According to Google Scholar's count, as of today my publications have been cited 38 times (including 32 times since 2008) - this includes references to my own work. This results in a h-index of 4 (meaning that 4 of my articles have been cited at least 4 times each) and an i10-index of 1 (meaning that 1 of my papers have been cited at least 10 times).
** Google Scholar's citations count overlaps with, but is quite different from my private count, which envelops about 34 citations/mentions to date by others.

Below: Google Scholar's graph showing number of citations per year.

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