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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Application sent to take part in "Idélab" on climate-friendly technology

Today, tempted by Research Council of Norway's teaser of an announcement text ("Store utfordringer krever radikale prosjektideer" [Big challenges require radical project ideas]), I have sent an application to participate in "Idélab" [idea lab], with the theme "Mot et nullutslippssamfunn" [Towards a zero emission society]. RCN seeks scientists within nanotechnology, biotechnology and information/communication technology, plus scholars within the humanities and social sciences, who will work in teams for some 5 days to develop innovative ideas concerning climate-friendly technology. Altogether some 25-30 researchers will participate. The application and appointment process is unconventional - for instance, no CV is to be submitted, and no references are to be given. The winning project ideas will get substantial funding so as to be further developed after the Idélab (some 30 mill. NOK in funding is available altogether).

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