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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Web stats 2012 (blogs etc.)

Webstats, 2012 (pageloads)
1. Utopisk Realisme [political, Norwegian language blog] 10.540
2. Utopian Realism [academic blog] 5.576
3. SemioPhenomenon [site for the Tartu phenomenology meets semiotics workshops in 2009] 167
4. The Schopenhauer Experience [existentialist electronica] 136

Combined these four blogs/webpages had 5% returning visitors - Utopian Realism had the highest percentage, with 7,8% (307 out of 3.919), while Utopisk Realisme had 3,6% returning visitors (279 out of 7.788). Whereas the numbers of this blog thus represented more than half of all returning visitors, almost 2/3 of all visitors at large visited my Norwegian language political blog, and about 1/3 this blog.

Webstats, all-time (pageloads as of today, January 3rd 2013)
1. Utopisk Realisme 45.174
2. Utopian Realism 20.230
3. SemioPhenomenon 3.646
4. The Schopenhauer Experience 878

See also similar post from January 2011. Unfortunately, I did not post on webstats for the year 2011 as a whole (though the math could be done in hindsight as well...), but all numbers indicate that 2011 was the year so far with most hits and reads. This must be understood in light of my blogging frequency: Whereas I wrote 217 posts in Utopian Realism in 2010 and 228 in 2011, for instance, I wrote only 137 posts in 2012  - not due to any lack of activities to report, but rather due to lack of time for blogging about my non-blogging activities, due to a heavy work-load*. Similarly, in Utopisk Realisme I wrote 135 posts in 2009, 117 in 2010 and 134 posts in 2011, but only 60 posts in 2012. Nevertheless, some 200 posts in these two blogs combined is not all that bad, is it?

* I still hope to get to the bottom of my Utopian Realism backlog, in time.

I have a couple of other blogs as well, but do not regularly keep track of their web stats.

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