Tuesday, 29 January 2013

ISCB launches annual conference series - 2017 conference to be organised in Norway by me

The International Socity for Code Biology (ISCB), where I am a member of the Governing Board, is making plans for an annual conference series which will start in 2014. As can be seen from the partial overview below, I have been asked, and agreed, to organise the 4th conference in Norway, in 2017.
  • 1st International Conference in Code Biology (2014): Paris, France - organised by Chris Ottolenghi
  • 3rd International Conference in Code Biology (2016): Urbino, Italy - organised by Almo Farina
  • 4th International Conference in Code Biology (2017): Stavanger*, Norway - organised by Morten Tønnessen
  • 5th International Conference in Code Biology (2018): Braga, Portugal - organised by João Carlos Major
  • 7th International Conference in Code Biology (2020): Stellenbosch, South Africa - organised by Jannie Hofmeyr
* depending on where I'll be working

I will soon post on Why I joined the ISCB, a post which will make clear how I am relating to the current split in the biosemiotic community. For now, let it suffice to say that I will only regard the enterprise of the International Conferences in Code Biology as truly successful if they result in greater and not less interest in biosemiotics as a field. Consequently, a measure of their value will be whether they bring more people into biosemiotics, or simply contribute to fragmentation of the biosemiotic community. A further criterion for success is naturally how the ISCB conference series will affect the overall development of the discipline of biosemiotics in qualitative terms. 

At any rate, from 2014 onwards there will be two annual conference series in biosemiotics. The already established conference series is the International Gatherings in Biosemiotics (organised by the International Society for Biosemiotic Studies, ISBS), the 13th of which is to be held in Castiglioncello, Italy this June.

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