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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Wolf piece published today - chronicle around the corner

My letter to the editor "Ulv, ulv!" [Wolf! Wolf!] was published today in the Norwegian national daily Aftenposten, in response to the daily's frontpage story this Monday. A full-text version of the text appears in my Norwegian-language blog Utopisk Realisme.

What's more, yesterday I finished my invited chronicle "Hvem er villest i landet her? - Et ulveliv" [Who's the wildest in the country here? - A wolf's life] for the weekly news magazine Ny Tid. This is the most thourough account I've given on wolf management so far in Norwegian. The chronicle, which is in part based on my article in Humanimalia, will appear this Friday.

* Intro
* Ulvetider [Wolf times]
* Sky, men skutt [Shy, but shot]
* Menneskelige gjenstander i ulvens verden [Human artifacts in the wolf's world]
* Ulven og dens følgesvenner [The wolf and its /companions/]
* Om rovviltforvaltningens fremtid [On the future of wildlife/carnivore management]

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