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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Acknowledged in Renata Sõukand's PhD thesis

I am mentioned in the acknowledgements of fellow PhD student Renata Sõukand's PhD thesis Herbal Landscape (introduction available in PDF format here). P. 40:
I would like to express my heartful thanks:
- to all my colleagues at the Estonian Literary Museum [...] as well as to all my fellow doctoral students and colleagues at the Department of Semiotics and specially to Peeter Torop, Silvi Salupere, Kaie Kotov, Ester Võsu, Riste Keskpaik, Kati Lindström and Morten Tønnessen for their encouragement and fruitful discussions.
"Plant as Object within Herbal Landscape: Different Kinds of Perception", which is being published as part of Biosemiotics' special issue Semiotics of Perception (for which I am a guest editor along with Kati Lindström), constitutes part of the dissertation (publication III out of I-VI).

Herbal Landscape will appear as Dissertationes Semioticae Universitatis Tartuensis 14.

Renata has had Kalevi Kull as supervisor, as do I. Almo Farina (Urbino) and Myrdene Anderson (Purdue) will serve as opponents at the defense of the thesis November 9th.

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