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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Application for research project 2011-2016

I am involved in an application for the prospective research project "Environmental Semiotics: Theory and applications in changing culture and environment". Timo Maran is the project's Principal Investigator and head. Through the project, which would span over the years 2011-2016 (until I'm 40...), I would have a research position (full work load), with the title 'Extraordinary researcher'. Other scholars involved include Jelena Grigorjeva, Kati Lindström, Riin Magnus, Ene-Reet Soovik, Renata Sõukand and Kadri Tüür.
If the application proves successful, it will imply that I establish ties to the University of Tartu for the years after I have completed my PhD (beyond my obligations partaking in the research project Dynamical Zoosemiotics and Animal Representations, until 2012).


complaciencia said...

I'm sure you are going to continue feeding our imagination and desires, with that project. When reading recently "Steps to a semiotics of being", my first sensation were of communion with so many of "your" ideas that it seemed as my hands were also writing them. And your freedom of language over impressed to me, after reading miriad of scientific texts that now fall, in my mind, to a limbo. A limbo where our (senior) minds were before the implosional arrival of digital, and or indigo, tsunami...It's the free "crazy", spontaneous, automatic writing, unstructured, phenomenological, autoetnographical, character of the texts my hands were including in our blog, it's parallel with the whole absence of referees censorship in all the development in Global Science that now emerges as Sensosphere.

Anonymous said...

Does you know that Elena Grigorjeva is keeping a Live Journal blog user egmg? He’s not keeping it himself. The agency, specializing in viral marketing and creating the imitation of live relationship in LJ for the further cultural elite’s control, is doing the job for her. Does it remind you anything?

Morten Tønnessen said...

Yes, I am familiar with this Live Journal blog - which I know has been used for course discussions. "Viral marketing", hah, I am sure Elena would like that - but as to the "cultural elite's control" - would you by any chance be referring to the cultural studies at University of Tartu that both Elena and I partake in? I can assure you that our contol is miniscule.