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Thursday, 16 September 2010

THE world ranking of universities

This year I am one of the many who have voted (upon invitation) as part of the Times Higher Education (THE)'s annual ranking of the world's top 200 universities. The ranking has just been published. These are the universities I have collaborators at, and/or have visited, and/or have academic contacts at (the University of Oslo is so far not ranked, due to lacking info - and I am sure I am leaving out some):
6. University of Cambridge, UK (visited)
17. University of Toronto, Canada (contact)
34. National university of Singapore, Singapore (contact)
89. Lund university, Sweden (contact)
102. University of Helsinki, Finland (visited, contact)
106. Purdue university, USA (contact)
115. National Taiwan university, Taiwan (contact)
135. University of Bergen, Norway (visited, contact, collaborator)
147. Uppsala university, Sweden (contact, collaborator)
167. Aarhus university, Denmark (contact)
170. University of Groningen, Netherlands (visited)
177. University of Copenhagen, Denmark (visited, contact)

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