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Friday, 3 September 2010

Animal agency presentation accepted

I have just been informed that the panel proposed by my collaborator Håkon Stokland for the sixth conference of the European Society for Environmental History, to be arranged in Turku, Finland, June 28th to July 2nd 2011, has been accepted by the scientific committee. The title of the panel session has been changed from "Animal agency and history - three different approaches to Scandinavian wolves" to "Animal agency and environmental history - three different approaches to Nordic wolves", and the committee has added a fourth presenter, a Ms. Heta Lähdesmäki.
Below is an overview of the four papers now included in the panel (Dr. Frank Zelko will be the session chair).
"Wolf history: Agents in hiding"
PhD candidate Morten Tønnessen
"Influencing military strategy, developing chemistry, changing politics: The role of the wolf in 1800-century Sweden"
Dr. Karin Dirke
"Animal agency and the wolf that saved an entire population"
PhD candidate Håkon Stokland
"Controlling wolves: Attitudes towards wolves in Finland in the 1990s"
Ms. Heta Lähdesmäki

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