Monday, 30 April 2018

TSOAR intro cited in Buscemi 2018

Our article

Tønnessen, Morten and Kadri Tüür 2014. The semiotics of animal representations: Introduction. In Kadri Tüür and Morten Tønnessen (eds), The Semiotics of Animal Representations (Nature, Culture and Literature 10), Amsterdam/New York: Rodopi, p. 7–30. 

is cited (p. 5) in:

Buscemi, Francesco 2018. The Ancestral Room of the State? Scotland and the United Kingdom on Jamie’s Great Britain. Journal of Communication Inquiry. Published online  March 27th 2018. Doi:

Excerpt (p. 5):
Biosemiotics is a branch of semiotics that extends the theory of signs to the natural environment and to the relationships between humans and Nature. For biosemioticians, natural systems are composed of signs and codes that represent, communicate, and signify (Tønnesen & Tuur, 2014). Biosemiotics is of interest for this article because it also focuses on how humans perceive and represent the relationships between Nature and Culture and has interestingly challenged traditional theories which used to see the two concepts as separate and even in conflict.

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