Friday, 13 April 2018

Ontogeny of early human Umwelt article cited in Rognini 2018

My article
Tønnessen, Morten 2014. The ontogeny of the embryonic, foetal and infant human umwelt. Sign Systems Studies 43 (2/3): 281-307.
is cited in:
Rognini, Paolo 2018. Vestigial Drifting Drives in Homo sapiens. Biological Theory. Published online April 6th 2018. DOI:
Excerpt (p. 5, in the section "The Ecological Crisis: Two Examples of Dysfunctional Behavior"):
"Homo sapiens [... has developed] a strong, innate sense of acquisitiveness; a ravenous voraciousness. This could occur because: [...] (b) being born immature ([...] Tønnessen 2014) it bears a negative potential (an intrauterine parasitic stage), compensated for by [...] a hunger for "objects" from both the real and the ideal world [...]"

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