Thursday, 3 February 2011

Teaching of semiotics, semiotics of teaching

Winfried Nöth's article "The semiotics of teaching and the teaching of semiotics", in which he refers to the joint semiotics review of the PhD students of University of Tartu's Department of Semiotics, is available online. It has been published - last year - as chapter 1 of Inna Semetsky's edited collection Semiotics - Education - Experience (pp. 1-20).

Excerpt (p. 11):
Currently, a much more comprehensive survey of more than 100 introductions to semiotics worldwide is being prepared by K. Kull, M. Tønnessen et al. The author of the present survey acknowledges having profited from the unpublished paper by Kull et al. in updating the bibliographical survey for his own much shorter survey of introductions to semiotics.

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