Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Brief report from the Sydney workshop

I am currently in Katoomba, the Blue Mountains, where I will spend a week writing, after having spendt two days in neighbouring Blackheath already.

The workshop The history, philosophy and future of ethology took place at the campus of Macquarie University in Sydney Feb. 19-21. My presentation was given Feb. 19 at approximately 2 pm, and I chaired a session Feb. 21 in the afternoon.

I have had the pleasure to meet and spend time with a number of interesting scholars, including the other international guests (Dominique Lestel, Jeffrey Bussolini, Gary Steiner, Brett Buchanan), the organizer Matthew Chrulew and Gisela Kaplan, to mention but one of the other speakers. Actually, the 15 or so talks were pretty much all good - which is not common at interdisciplinary conferences and similar events. I usually have to bring a book.

There were up to 30 people attending, speakers included.

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