Friday, 8 October 2010

How is the University of Tartu ranked internationally?

I recently posted on what's the best university in Norway. Now what about my own university, Estonia's University of Tartu? Unlike in Norway's case, there's absolutely no doubt what's the best university in Estonia. But how does it rank internationally?
Last year it was included for the first time in Times Higher Education - QS World University Rankings, as one of 600 universities (out of a total of 12.000 or so globally), cf. University of Tartu ranked among world's leading universities (and World-Class Education). The precise ranking was 501.-600. This year it's 551.-600. (note that the QS and THE have split - the latter ranking is of QS only). This year's Top 500 is listed and presented here.
With that ranking, the University of Tartu is places clearly below the University of Oslo (Top 200), where I took my master in philosophy, but (as far as I know) clearly above the University of Agder, where I have been research assistant/advisor, and the University of Stavanger, where I am an examiner.

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