Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Field trip to Hedmark in preparation

My field trip to Rendalen, the one municipality in Norway where the wolf/sheep conflict has been the fiercest in political terms, is in preparation. Being the largest municipality in Southern Norway ("only" 600 km away) - more than 3.000 square kilometres, and populated by only 2.000 or so (people, that is) - planning how to get around from place to place has been a challenge. I've ended up arranging accommodation at three locations (including one in neighbouring Stor-Elvdal municipality):
* Rendalen Øiseth Hotell (Åkrestrømmen, Rendalen)
* Romenstad hytte- og gardsferie (Unset, Rendalen)
* Koppangtunet hotell (Koppang, Stor-Elvdal)

In addition to these three locations, I'll also be visiting Øvre Rendal/Bergset (Rendalen) and Evenstad (Stor-Elvdal). In other words I'll be visiting one region (Hedmark) - two municipalities - five villages.

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