Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Book on Norwegian childcare renamed

The book previously work-titled "Familien bak fasaden. Barneomsorg på norsk: I spenning og samspill mellom det offentlige og det private" [The family behind the facade. Childcare in Norway: In tension and interaction between the public and the private] has been renamed "Barneomsorg på norsk: I spenning mellom det offentlige og det private. [Childcare in Norway: In tension between the public and the private]". 

The anthology, which is to be published Spring 2017 by Universitetsforlaget, will feature a chapter co-written by me and Svein Tuastad, "Familie og fridom. Norsk familiepolitikk i lys av liberal politisk teori" [Family and freedom. Norwegian family policies in light of liberal political theory].

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