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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Research visit to Tangen zoo conducted; to be zoo's research contact

Sunday to Tuesday this last week, March 9th to 11th, I have been conducting a research visit to Tangen zoo (formerly Amadeus zoo) in Stange in Hedmark, Norway. I was hosted by zoo owner Runar Næss and my research colleague in the research project "Animals in changing environments: Cultural mediation and semiotic analysis" Laura Kiiroja, who currently resides in the zoo.

During the visit I agreed to be a research contact for Tangen zoo, a role which will involve being a scientific advisor when it comes to research carried out in the park. Currently the zoo houses socialized foxes, and they are working to get permission to hold socialized wolves too. This would likely involve long-term observations of some sort from my side - some ideas are brewing, but some of these depend on further research funding.

I got to see most of the animals close-up, including the two camels, an iguana, a number of snakes (constrictors), several curious silver monkeys, a zebra, and a not very friendly alligator. Throughout the visit I took photos and filmed - part of this material might be used for the perception studies I will soon carry out with Paul Thibault.

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