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Friday, 7 March 2014

Text read at opening of art exhibition "Who owns history?"

Yesterday I had the pleasure of reading excerpts of my text "Utenfor sirkelen" [Outside the circle] at the third out of four events constituting the opening of the 8 artists-strong art exhibition "Hvem eier historien? Makt, kunst og demokrati" [Who owns history? Power, art and democracy] in Stavanger. My reading was part of the opening of "Utenfor sirkelen" [Outside the circle] by artist Jørund Aase Falkenberg, at MUST - Museum Stavanger's Department of Natural History. There were quite a few present (a hundred?).

This was the second time I took part in the opening of an art exhibition, and furthermore it is the second time I am contributing to an art exhibition (both times in an academic role).

Some hours ahead of the opening event(s), I got to see Jørund's exhibition, which  includes the video "Inn i sirkelen" [Into the circle], documenting how he burried two birds from the museum's collection, and "Nytt lys" [New light] which is situated around and within an existing natural history exhibition involving skeletons (of whales etc.) and mounted animals.

The full text of my contribution "Utenfor sirkelen" (6 pp) will be available in print throughout the exhibition (March 6th - June 15th) at Stavanger Museum - initially there are 50 copies, but more will be produced given demand.

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