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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Biosemiotics no. 6(3) - transitional issue

Returning home after having spent three days at the University of Stavanger, I found Biosemiotics 6(3) - December 2013 - in my mailbox. This is the first of two transitional double issues, edited by Marcello Barbieri (6(3) includes a Special Issue on "Origins of mind" guest-edited by Liz Stilwaggon Swan). On p. 2 I am still listed as a member of the Editorial Board, and further listed among the Editors-in-Chief: Marcello Barbieri, Timo Maran, Alexei Sharov and myself. From 7(2) forwards Biosemiotics is edited by Alexei, Timo and me.

Biosemiotics 6(3) furthermore includes two articles with my involvement, see below.

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