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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Eight e-compendiums in introductory philosophy revised; four of these produced

This Spring and Autumn I have been in the process of revising 12 e-compendiums which are used in the web-based bachelor in nursing at Department of health studies (UiS), specifically in the course in introductory philosophy Examen Philosophicum (course code BSNEXP). I revised three compendiums this Spring and so far a further five compendiums this Autumn. The original text is written by Ingunn Sira Myhre.

Four of these have now been produced by NettOp, the University of Stavanger's unit for digital learning materials:
  • Eksistensialisme [Existentialism], 16 pp 
  • Erkjennelsesteori: Empirisme [Epistemology - Empiricism], 15 pp
  • Erkjennelsesteori: Rasjonalisme [Epistemology - Rationalism], 13 pp
  • Hva er etikk? [What is ethics?], 7 pp
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