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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Work and family life - a few new work routines

As a commuter, I am working much of the time from my home office, and I have to structure my workday - also since I am a father-of-one and my son is in kindergarten (only) 3 days a week (plus, my wife commutes too). After a "discussion" today, I've decided to make a few changes:
  • After travelling on work trips, I'll work only 1 hour or so (checking email etc.) in daytime (plus work in the evening) the first day I am back home again - presupposing that my son is home this day. He is usually very eager to spend time with me once I have been gone (and I with him).
  • In my daily planning, I'll start making room for 1 hour of "email and incidental tasks" in the morning and a further hour for the same task in the evening, in total 2 hours. With this I hope to remedy an all-too-common occurrence: Namely that quite often my daily work plan bursts since new, unexpected tasks that should be dealt with straight away appear. This then leads to working overtime and/or not getting done everything I have planned to get done.
  • Trying to get things done well ahead of deadlines.
In sum this should make me more flexible, more relaxed and a more present father and husband.

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