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Friday, 8 March 2013

Contribution to Estonian-Norwegian research project application

In the days leading up to March 5th I contributed to the research project application "Animals in Changing Environments: Cultural Mediation and Semiotic Analysis", where I am the prospective Principal Investigator of the Norwegian research team, with Tartu's Timo Maran being the Principal Investigator of the Estonian research team, based at University of Tartu's Department of Semiotics. The Norwegian team will, if the application proves successful, include professor Paul Thibault (University of Agder) and Post-Doc Kristin Armstrong Oma (University of Oslo). My head of Department at University of Stavanger has approved my and the university's involvement, and I have met with an economics consultant in the central administration. 

The application is due to be submitted by March 14th. More details later.

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