Sunday, 31 March 2013

6th most-publishing scholar at Department of Health Studies

In 2012 I got 1,875 publication points in the Norwegian "tellekant" system. I had three publications that resulted in publication points, which form part of the basis for academic institutions' public funding (each point results in some 3-4.000 Euros of funding). This means that I was by this measure the 6th most-publishing scholar at University of Stavanger's Department of Health Studies. Altogether the department's scholars got 45,72 publication points (my points thus constitute ca. 4% of the department total). The most-publishing scholar, with 6 publication points, was the other philosopher, Sebastian Rehnman, who is currently on research leave (and whose research leave is the very reason why I am currently teaching at the department).

Overall, the average for a UiS scholar is some 0,8 publication points, while the national average is closer to 1 publication point per scholar.

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