Thursday, 30 August 2018

Google Scholar status per summer 2012 vs. autumn 2018

As of June 2012 - according to an old note - Google Scholars (cf. my profile) listed 19 academic articles of mine, which were in total cited 32 times, and I had an h-index of 3 (meaning that 3 of my articles had been cited at least 3 times each).

6 year on, I have according to Google Scholar been cited 324 times, and I have an h-index of 9 (up 1) as well as an h10-index of 9 (up 1; meaning that 9 of mine articles have been cited at least 10 times each). This is up 12 since August 20th. My 9th article to reach 10 citations is "Outline of an Uexküllian bio-ontology", my very first academic article, published in 2001.

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