Monday, 24 November 2014

"Wolf play" clip featured in Discovery documentary aired this Spring

Excerpts of my video clip "Wolf play", which has to date been seen some 59.000 times on YouTube, were featured in a documentary series that aired on Discovery Channel this Spring. The excerpts, recorded by me during field work involving socialised wolves in Polar Zoo in 2010, appears in episode 7 of the series Deadly dilemmas, produced by London-based October Films, in the timespan 19.56-20.02 and then again 22.01-22.06. I am acknowledged ("Archives": Morten Tønnessen ...) ca. 22.19-22.22. Series producer is Paul Connolly.

The video clip from the wolf play video is part of a dilemma which involves being lost in wilderness and having to choose between joining a pride of lions or a pack of wolves in order to survive.

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