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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Parliament seminar on poultry welfare organised; introductory talk given

On Monday April 7th Minding Animals Norway and Norway's Green Party co-arranged a seminar on animal welfare in the poultry industry in Norway's parliament. The programme included presentations by representatives of Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Ole Fjetland, Mattilsynet), The Council for Animal Ethics (Solveig Marie Stubsjøen, Rådet for dyreetikk), Norwegian Veterinary Institute (Cecilie Mejdell, Veterinærinstituttet) and the poultry industry itself, Norwegian poultry association (Jan Arne Broen, Norsk fjørfelag). Also, a farmer, Halvor Olsen (running Holte gård) presented his experiences after investing in animal welfare.

I was responsible for organising the seminar along with Une Aina Bastholm, and also gave a 10 minute introductory talk, entitled "Dyrevelferd i kyllingnæringen - innledning" [Animal welfare in the poultry industry - introduction]. Some 30 people representing 12 NGOs and industry bodies attended.

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