Sunday, 26 February 2012

Festschrift for Jesper Hoffmeyer

This week the Festschrift at the occasion of Jesper Hoffmeyer's 70 year anniversary, "A More Developed Sign: Interpreting the Work of Jesper Hoffmeyer", was published by Tartu University Press. It was presented to him on his birthday February 21st by Kalevi Kull, who has edited the volume along with Don Favareau and Paul Cobley.

I am behind one of the volume's 80 contributions, namely "Semiogenesis". Each of the 80 contributions has a one word title and relates to a quote from Jesper's work. For a full contents list, see here.

Excerpt from the blurb on the backpage:
In this volume, over 80 world-class scholars from more than 20 countries select a short quotation taken from any of Jesper Hoffmeyer’s published texts and provide their scholarly commentary upon that passage – whether in the form of an analytical explication, a critical disagreement or a conceptual extension – that they feel asks the questions that need to be asked, proposes the ideas that need to be proposed, or that draws out the implications that need to be so explicitly drawn out, germane to the claims of the selected passage.

At once a celebration and a serious academic development of the work of Jesper Hoffmeyer, this landmark volume marks the occasion of his 70th birthday on February 21, 2012.
There are three more contributors from Norway, namely Drude von der Fehr ("Art"), Thomas Hylland Eriksen ("Interconnections") and Ingmar Meland ("Tertium Datur"), and four (more) from Estonia, namely Kalevi Kull ("Scaffolding"), Mihhail Lotman ("Semiotic freedom"), Riin Magnus ("Energy") and Timo Maran ("Fitness").

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