Thursday, 18 June 2015

UiS: Intense debate on merger with HSH; UiS should disclose all relevant documents

The rector of University of Stavanger and others, including two heads of department, have written opinion pieces on the ongoing merger negotiations on the debate pages of University of Stavanger. An extraordinary board meeting will be held this Sunday, to decide whether or not UiS will merge with Stord/Haugesund University College.

As mentioned earlier in this blog, I oppose this merger. What is more, I think the merger process should have been much more transparent. Board meetings have been closed to the general public, and documents have not been publicly disclosed. That is not a good way of leading an important process for the whole institution. I recommend that the university director releases all relevant documents ahead of the board meeting on June 21st. As a 2nd deputy member of the UiS board, I only got relevant documents from the last meeting today after asking the permanent member representing temporarily employed staff.

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