Wednesday, 6 May 2015

RCN/Ministry of Education does not prioritise Young Research Talents this year

Today I have come to learn that the Research Council of Norway´s FRIPRO program (independent projects) (see previous posts) will not prioritise its Young Research Talents scheme (Unge forskertalenter) as high as it has done the last couple of years. The so-called "Fellesløftet" [joint effort], funded by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with higher education institutions, has this year been earmarked for a new Excellence in research (Toppforsk) scheme for older researchers (to qualify, one must have defended a PhD at least 6 years ago - I defended mine four years ago). The likelihood of getting funds for a Young Research Talents application will therefore be significantly lower than anticipated (closer to 10% than 20%).

This is a pity, given the effort UiS has made with its PRE-FRIPRO course program.

I will apply for funds for the project "Umwelt Theory For Our Time".

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