Thursday, 12 March 2015

Previous UiS university director Per Ramvi refers to petition; board temporarily renews CenSE

In the Stavanger Aftenblad chronicle "Har Universitetet bærekraft?" [roughly: Is the university sustainable?] (March 11), Per Ramvi, previously university director at University of Stavanger, makes reference to "et professoropprop" [a professor petition] - which I took part in initiating (see link below). The context of the letter is that the current university director, John Møst, has recently suggested that the board of University of Stavanger does not renew the research center-status of CenSE (The Center for Sustainable Energy Solutions)

The question is how University of Stavanger can strengthen its research in sustainable energy. The board meeting took place today - and the board decided to temporarily renew CenSE´s status as research center (article in Norwegian). Meanwhile, a work group is to be appointed by the university director which is to be tasked with suggesting how the university can strengthen its research into sustainable energy.

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