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Thursday, 20 November 2014

UiS Head of Department´s stance on climate change attacked in Stavanger Aftenblad letter to the editor

Yesterday a letter to the editor by Professor emeritus Gunnar Kvåle was published in the Norwegian regional daily Stavanger Aftenblad, entitled "Er det greit at en instituttleder ved UiS fnyser av FNs klimarapport?" [Is it OK that a Head of Department at University of Stavanger /rejects/ the UN´s climate report?]. This concerns Hans Borge, Head of department at Department of Petroleum Engineering. Kvåle cites my chronicle, published earlier this month, "10 spørsmål om fremtidens UiS" [10 questions about the future University of Stavanger], and claims that rector of UiS Marit Boyesen (see her reply chronicle) avoids replying to my questions regarding the actuality of climate change.

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