Saturday, 2 August 2014

Biosemiotic ethics session, introductory presentation scheduled at 12th World Congress of Semiotics

A detailed program for the upcoming 12th World Congress of Semiotics (Sofia, Bulgaria, September 16-20 2014) has been released - see here. The session I have initiated, "Biosemiotic ethics", has been scheduled for September 19th at 15.30-18.00 (including coffee break), following "New trends in bio/eco/zoosemiotics" the same day from 09.30 to 15.30 (including coffee break and lunch). Within this time frame my paper "Introducing biosemiotic ethics" has been scheduled for presentation at 15.30 to 16.00.

Other papers in the Biosemiotic ethics session:
16.00-16.30: John Deely: "Ethics and the distinction between semiosic and semiotic"
16.30-17.00: Darian Meacham: "The gentle caress of my robot lover"
17.30-18.00: Panagiotis Xouplidis: "A semiotic approach to the pet world"
Including the eight papers in the "New trends in bio/eco/zoosemiotics" session, chaired by Timo Maran, Kalevi Kull and Frederik Stjernfelt, this implies that a total of 12 papers will be presented in the joint session "New trends in bio/eco/zoosemiotics & Biosemiotic ethics". 

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